Statin could be the new wonder drug

According to a new research, heart pills are effective at slashing artery-clogging cholesterol.

London: Heart pills are more effective at slashing artery-clogging cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart attacks as previously thought, say scientists.

According to new research, even those who already have low levels of cholesterol can benefit from taking statins, reports the Daily Express.

The cholesterol-busting pills could give such people a 15 per cent further reduction in heart attacks and strokes and risk of having to undergo gruelling heart surgery.

A major study has found that they really are a wonder drug and that taking them in higher doses not only leads to even lower levels of ``bad`` cholesterol but also to still greater reductions in the number of heart attacks and strokes.

Experts said that people with low levels of cholesterol could also benefit from them.

However, there has been evidence of severe side effects from higher doses, ranging from muscle aches and stomach upsets to a rare but serious lung disorder, cataracts, liver damage and kidney failure.


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