Sticky cash box to nab slippery robbers

The cash box fires exploding glue over the money when it is broken into.

London: Armed robbers will no longer be able to slip out of the police’s hands, courtesy a new invention - a cash box which fires exploding glue over the money when it is broken into.

G4S Cash Solutions is conducting a pilot test of the boxes, which emit a vivid dye over the money inside if broken open by robbers.

However, Detective Chief Superintendent Graham McNulty, head of the Flying Squad said that although tracking the robbers would become easier, it wouldn’t stop them from using the damaged money in machines or laundering it in other ways.

He suggested that the new system should make all the stolen cash "dead money" and therefore reduce the motive for such robberies.

"Our tests show that the glue will ensure that an attack on a G4S cash box will be completely worthless to the perpetrator,” the BBC quoted Kevin O``Connor, Risk Director with G4S Cash Solutions (UK), as saying.

"Glue is the latest in a series of hi-tech solutions we have developed to reduce the number of attacks on our crew and vehicles," he added.


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