Team Profile: Algeria

The next summer, Algeria will take part in the third World cup of his history, with ambition doing better than in the preceding times, where she didnt succeed in crossing the first round.

Team: Algeria

Group: C

Colours: White shirts, socks and shorts, all with green trim

Nickname: Les Fennecs (desert fox)

Previous World Cup appearances: 1982, 1986

Best World Cup performance: Failed to past the first round in previous appearances

Coach: Rabah Saadane

Most capped player: Mahieddine Meftah 95

Top scorer: Abdelhafid Tasfaout 35

Confederation: CAF

FIFA Ranking (Apr 10) : 31

Algeria Squad


The next summer, Algeria will take part in the third World cup of his history, with ambition doing better than in the preceding times, where she didnt succeed in crossing the first round. The Fennecs disputed the planetary tournament in 1982 and 1986, leaving each time the competition after first round. However, it was not without honor. In Spain, they had made a success of one of the greatest exploits of the history by beating Germany (2-1). A memorable success acquired thanks to goals of Madjer and Belloumi. Unfortunately for them, a match arranged between Mannschaft and Austria deprived them of the second round. Four years later in Mexico, they were not also powerful. Disturbed by internal conflicts, they took only one point out of 6 possible, against Northern Ireland.


The course of Algeria long and was sown obstacles, but the Saadane`s band negotiated it successfully. The “Greens” began difficultly, losing two of the three of their first matches at in the first round against Senegal (0-1) and Gambia (0-1), but they were well begun again then. Winners of Senegal (3-2) in the match at home, they ensured their passage to the second round. A second round that they literally flew over, whereas nobody bet on them, taking 10 points in their first five encounters. The point of fall occurred only at the ultimate lifting, against their main competitor, Egypt (0-2). This defeat in Cairo was finally without consequence, since they went to gain the match stopping against this same selection in Sudan. Antar Yahia marked the single goal of this match, plunging a whole nation in an indescribable hysteria.


If Algeria succeeded in making her return on the scene world, it is mainly thanks to the freshness and the discipline of its young manpower. In the past, the Fennecs had often disappointed by their lack of constancy and professionalism, but this time there is completed. Today, this selection shines of miles fires, thanks to the efforts that each member of the team, but also of the federation agreed. During the preliminary course, one could note the extent of this transfiguration. More solid, more homogeneous and also and especially more interdependent, Ziani and its partners became irresistible. The Egyptian champions of Africa will be able to testify some.


What misses in Algeria to settle in the world gotha it is a better profitability out of its bases. Indeed, since 2003, Algeria gained only two matches away. Even if the World cup takes place on a neutral ground, the Fennecs must be absolutely demolished of this complex which accompanies them out of their bases. In addition, this selection doesn`t have a true striker yet. Ghezzal pains to hatch, Djebbour is not competitive and Saifi starts to get old. A problem that Saadane must quickly regulate if he wants that his team suitably represents the Arab world in the World Cup.


To take along Algeria to her third World cup, there could be of another trainer only him. This 63 years old man was of all the worldwide campaigns disputed by this country since his independence. In 1982, he was assistant of Mahieddine Khalef, four years later he was alone at this station and he was also already there in 1980 when Algeria honoured her single participation in the Olympic tournament of football. Native of Batna, Saadane has an undeniable experiment and it is almost logical that the Federation calls upon its services when sounds the hour of an important expiry. In addition, he also knew passages abroad. He coaching the Rajah Casablanca, to whom he offered a championship of Africa, ES Sahel and the national team of Yemen.


Antar Yahia (VfL Bochum): Although native of Mulhouse in France, this player is an Algerian of pure stock. Somebody who are given thoroughly for his country of origin and which defends of best than it can the green colors, red and white. 27 years old, Yahia is international since 2004. He has 40 capes and 5 goals for his selection, of which the last scored in Egypt. A defender of big class which didn`t know the career that he deserved on the scene of the clubs.

Karim Ziani (Vfl Wolfsburg): Of all the Algerian players, he is probably him which is most known. And due: Ziani was one of the high-speed motorboats of the French championship a long time, where he played for Troyes, Lorient, Sochaux and Marseilles before joining last summer the rows of Vfl Wolfsburg. Ziani (27 years) has played for the Fennecs for almost seven years. His regularity and its effectiveness do of it of him one of the executives of this team. In the second round of world cup`s preliminary, he was implied in 80% of the goals scored by Algeria.

Rafik Saifi (Al Khor): He is called “the big brother” by all his fellow-members. 34 years old, Saifi is the veteran of this selection and even if he adds up “only” 55 capes, he belongs to the best assets available to Rabah Saadane. Substitute at the beginning of the eliminating matches, he knew to cling and fight for then regaining his place and contributing fully to the Algerian qualification. He lived in Ligue 1, where he played during ten years, the assistance much and even if he does not have any more the legs of his twenty years, Saifi is assailing whose Algeria cannot allow itself to occur.


The greatest exploit of Algerian football: If you ask all the Algerians which is the match of their selection which sent them to the seventh heaven. The answer will be unanimous; that against Germany played in 1982 at Gijon in Spain. Indicated losers by all the observers of the foot, the Fennecs, taken along then by Assad, Belloumi, Madjer and Fergani, thwarted all the pronostics by beating the double champions of the world, 2 - 1. This achievement remains, until today, like one of greatest ever succeeded by a African selection in the World cup.


Famous For: Algeria is famous to be the second larger country of Africa in term of surface. As for the selection of football, she is known everywhere to have fans in all of the world. After her victory against Egypt, there were scenes of joy in France, in England, in Italy, in Spain and even in the United States and Canada.

Most likely to: During the qualificative program for the World Cup, a group of singers left several albums, which were sold like breads, with tubes to glory this team. The group is called “Torino & Milano”. And if Algeria faces Italy in the World Cup, on which side these singers will be?


For Algeria, to have reached the World Cup is already an enormous exploit. Thus, it`s without any pressure that the Fennecs will go to South Africa. Their mission will be to give pleasure and try to honour the national colors as well as possible. Afterwards, if there is possibility of crossing a round or two, Ziani and his partners certainly will not deprive themselves.

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