The Ipad gets its first ever 3D ads!

The ad has promoted a new series for the US Weather Channel.

London: The creator of the first ever 3D advertisements, Cooliris’ CEO Soujanya Bhumkar, is quite optimistic that the launch of the product will bolster innovation in the emerging mobile ad business.
The ad has promoted a new series for the US Weather Channel, which has followed the award-winning photographer Peter Lik as he traveled across the US to take the perfect photo.

A lot of banner ads have been used so far in the mobile space, which include basic static display images at the top or bottom of a phone screen that users found annoying.

"Rather than being inspired by the bad advertising we have seen on the desktop and that has migrated to mobile devices, we went back to the drawing board to create a new advertising platform," the BBC quoted Bhumkar as saying.

According to Bhumkar, they have developed two technologies that would help ad creators transform 2D images into 3D.

Bhumkar said that the iPad lends itself easily to 3D because of a users ability to interact using the touchscreen and tilt functions.



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