The Omnipresent Science!

Can we imagine a single minute of our life without using the wonders of science?

Preeti Panwar

Can we imagine a single minute of our life without using the wonders of science? Just look around yourself and you will find various things which are the blessings of science. Television, telephone, computers, ACs, fans, bulbs, metro, etc are all the marvels of science.

Living with comfort

The moment you press on a switch, the whole room lights up instantly. When you need to talk to your close ones who are far away, you just need to take your mobile and dial a few keys and you can convey your message. You can even talk to far-flung people through e-mails and chats apart from phones without the worries of raking up huge bills.

When you have to reach anywhere in time, you have stylish cars, fast bikes apart from the luxurious Metro trains, buses and superfast planes.

The modern science and technological advancements have made our lives so hassle-free and simple.

From a small printer to the big nuclear reactors, everything has a bit of science and technology. Although we all are very well aware of all these facts, but we have never made any efforts to realise the importance of these things.
Man behind the National Science Day

Professor Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman is the man whom the world can never forget. He was the great Indian Physicist and created the much talked about space phenomenon “Raman Effect”. On February 28, 1928, He pioneered upon the scattering of light. For this remarkable breakthrough, he even won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930. This innovation led other scientists to develop spectroscopy, laser technique, optics and many other revolutionary technologies.

So, every year, 28th February is observed as National Science Day throughout the whole country.

The present scenario

Schools, colleges and various science museums etc hold exhibitions which showcase the incredible contribution of Prof. CV Raman in the field of science. It is a kind of small tribute that is paid to the veteran scientist and the inevitable applications of modern science as well.

The last eight decades have been very significant in terms of scientific developments. Now, nothing seems impossible.

In the field of Biology, one of the preeminent breakthroughs is In-Vitro fertilization. This technique has proved to be a boon for many childless couples. The simple DNA test can help in solving complicated murder cases apart from the far reaching medical applications. The latest laser surgeries, Botox, Chemotherapy, Physiotherapy, X-rays, ultrasounds, CT-scans, etc have taken the whole procedure of health check-ups to the next level of diagnostics.

Even the tedious task of going to banks for money withdrawals has become so convenient with modern Automated Teller Machines (ATM).

The hard- working and brilliant minds of scientists have provided us with a lot to lead our lives easily without following long procedures. But the moral should be drawn that no-one should take these facilities for granted. These days, many fraudsters take undue advantage of technologies for making profit while duping the nation.
Role of India

India’s history of scientists dates back to ancient times with the names of Aryabhatta (great astronomer and mathematician), Bhaskara (developed Hindu-Arabic Decimal system), Chanakya (architect), Charaka (Father of Ayurveda) and Sushruta (Father of Surgery) among others.

In the modern times, India has produced many great scientists who have played a stellar role in improving the conditions and development of India. They have successfully proved their mettle on the international platform and helped the homeland to get-in the prestigious list of would be ‘Superpower’ countries of the world. Some of them are the most renowned CV Raman, Homi Bhabha (atomic Scientist), Jagdish Chandra Bose ( Quantum Physics), Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (Nobel Prize winner), Vikram Sarabhai (Father of the Indian space program), Dr APJ Abdul Kalam (Missile Man of India).

Role of Gen-X

The students in India can further take the name of the country higher by more innovations and modern technologies which can be of utmost significance. More students should opt for science as their careers as there are lot of opportunities in this industry today. Interested girls should pursue their dreams in the field of science and who knows that the next Kalpana Chawla may be in the making…

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