Tunisian woman pregnant with 12 babies: Report

Believe it or not, a Tunisian woman is said to be pregnant with 12 babies.

Updated: Aug 18, 2009, 17:44 PM IST

London: Believe it or not, a Tunisian
woman is said to be pregnant with 12 babies.

The unnamed teacher and her husband are ecstatic about
the pregnancy that was achieved with fertility treatment after
she suffered two miscarriages -- the couple are expecting six
boys and six girls, the media reported.
Her husband, who was named only as Marwan and is also
a teacher of Arabic at a high school in their home town of
Gafsa, southwest of the capital Tunis, said it was an "amazing
and wonderful miracle".

"In the beginning, we thought that my wife would give
birth to twins, but more foetuses were discovered. Our joy
increased with the growing number," leading British newspaper

`The Daily Telegraph` quoted him as telling the local media.

In fact, the woman, who is thought to be as much
as nine months` pregnant, is about to eclipse the octuplets of
the American mother Nadia Suleman.

Fertility experts have condemned the news, alleging
the doctors who treated the couple are "irresponsible" and
risking the health and lives of the mother and her babies.

Simon Fisher, a fertility expert from the University
of Oxford, said the news of the duodecaplets was "horrendous"
and the doctors involved were "irresponsible" to allow it.

"Whatever the reasons behind this, the chances
of there being a happy ending are pretty remote. The chances
of all of them surviving are extremely remote and the chance
of some of them surviving without any problems is unlikely --
they are likely to have significant problems," he said.

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