Two drinks a day pose risk to diabetics

Diabetics, please note-drinking as little as two goblets of wine daily can raise your risk of losing sight.

London: Diabetics, please note -- drinking
as little as two goblets of wine daily can raise your risk of
losing sight, say scientists.

Previous studies had suggested that small amounts of
alcohol might be good for some sufferers, and shown that red
wine can help protect against heart disease, which is more
common in people with diabetes.

But, a new research by Utrecht University -- claimed
to be the first of its kind -- has suggested a link between
drinking and sight loss in diabetics, the `Daily Express`

For the study, the scientists followed 1,239 patients
with type 2 diabetes and carried out eye tests. Over a period
of five years, 182 suffered visual problems caused by diabetic
retinopathy, which is related to their condition. There was no
increase among those who drank alcohol.

However, almost 700 patients saw their overall
vision deteriorate. Among this group, the risk of eye problems
increased among drinkers.

In fact, visual problems increased by 50 per cent in
those patients who consumed up to 14 alcoholic drinks a week
as compared to diabetics who didn`t drink at all, according to
the findings published in the `Diabetic Medicine` journal.

Victoria King, head of research at Diabetes UK, said:
"This research suggests that increased alcohol consumption
could be associated with increased risk of deterioration of
visual acuity in people with type 2 diabetes and Diabetes UK
would be interested to see whether future research supports
these findings."