UAE job seekers to undergo TB tests at home

UAE to bar job-seekers from Asian countries infected with pulmonary TB from working in Dubai.

Dubai: In order to stop the spreading of infectious diseases in the county, UAE is planning to bar job-seekers from Asian countries infected with pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) from working here.
As a result, it will be mandatory for people seeking to move to UAE for a job or residency, to undergo screening for infectious diseases in their home countries, under new plans unveiled by the country`s Ministry of Health (MoH).

According to a statement from the ministry released on the UAE`s official news agency WAM, the rule will only apply to workers from certain countries, without specifying which nationalities would be affected by the new rule.

Immigrants will undergo a second compulsory screening on their arrival in UAE, the statement said, adding those testing for contagious diseases will be barred from the country.

Dr Mahmoud Fikri, assistant undersecretary of the MoH, said the move was in response to an increase in the number of migrants from some countries testing positive for infectious diseases.

"It has been noticed that the rates of contagious diseases increased among some categories coming from some countries in which there are higher rates of these contagious diseases," he said.

According to MoH data, 21 per cent of immigrants screened from Asian countries in 2009 tested positive for tuberculosis.

The ministry would "take new preventive measures to curb the increase of such cases," Dr Fikri said, adding the programme has "so far kept the UAE intact from spread of the contagious diseases that pose danger to the community".

Under existing laws, expatriates are required to undergo medical checks before securing a residency visa in the UAE.


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