‘UP, Bihar migrants are inseparable part of Delhi’

BJP proclaimed that UP, Bihar migrants were a part of Delhi and had contributed to its growth and development.

New Delhi: In a bid to woo the sizable
population from eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar living the
capital, BJP on Sunday held a public meeting here which saw the
party proclaiming that these people were a part of Delhi and
had contributed to its growth and development.

In his address at the function, Leader of Opposition in
Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley maintained that the people from
Poorvanchal - eastern UP and parts of Bihar- were now an
"inseparable" part of Delhi.

He hit out at the Congress, alleging that it plays
divisive politics- in Delhi and elsewhere- to create a rift
among people.

"In the Uttar Pradesh elections, the agenda was against
corruption and for development and progress of the state. But
the Congress has deflected attention from it by announcing 4.5
per cent quota within quota for minorities. Our attempt always
is to take everybody along. We will oppose this strongly,"
Jaitley said.

He alleged that the UPA government is engaged in a
tussle with institutions of the state.

"This government is fighting with the general of the
Army. Now it is also attacking the scientists," Jaitley said,
referring to the age row between the Defence Ministry and
General VK Singh, and the ISRO Anrix-Devas issue in which
former ISRO chief Madhavan Nair has been indicted.

The BJP leader said the government has been cornered on
the issue of corruption.

Jaitley reached out to the people of Poorvanchal,
saying if the party wins their support nothing will prevent it
from coming to power in the forthcoming local bodies and other
elections, including the Lok Sabha polls due in 2014.