`US, Oz discussed holding up a mirror to Pak to act on terror`

The volatile situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan was discussed by Hillary Clinton and Kevin Rudd.

London: With Pakistan unwilling to turn away from its "obsessive focus" on India, the US and Australia had discussed the possibility of holding up a "mirror" to warn that country what it would look like in five years if they don`t act against terror, according to a leaked American document by WikiLeaks.

The volatile situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan was discussed by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, according to a
confidential document on their 75-minute luncheon meeting in Washington on March 24, 2009.

"The Secretary (Clinton) and PM Rudd discussed the need to turn Pakistan away from its "obsessive focus" on India, towards the problems in the west of the country, noting even
total success in Afghanistan would be unravelled if Pakistan were to fall apart," according to the leaked cable published in Britain`s Guardian newspaper.

"Rudd indicated Australia was willing and able to help, especially in special operations and counterinsurgency areas, as soon as Pakistan was willing to accept help, but argued the necessary economic development assistance and capacity-building in Pakistan`s security forces could only happen once the elites came to recognise the problem.

"The best way to cause such a realisation would be to hold up a mirror showing what Pakistan would look like in five years if no action is taken. While China would undoubtedly be reluctant to do more, Rudd continued, a similar China-Pakistan
mirror-holding exercise would be beneficial as well," the document said.

"The Secretary agreed China needed to be more engaged in Afghanistan and Pakistan, opining Chinese leaders were growing concerned that extremists` success in Pakistan could be a harbinger of similar success in China`s west," the document said, apparently referring to the threat posed by Uygur militants against Beijing`s rule in the oil-rich


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