US renews pledge to remove Saddam Hussein

The United States has renewed its pledge to remove Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein from power and bring democracy to the country.

Updated: Aug 03, 2000, 00:00 AM IST

“Under the Iraq Liberation Act, we are working with representatives of Iraqi Opposition to bring about a change of regime in Iraq and establishment of a democratic Iraqi government responsive to needs of its people and willing to live in peace with its neighbours,” Deputy spokesman of US state department Philip Reeker said on Wednesday.
“We are also working to hold Saddam Hussein and his top associates accountable for crimes against humanity and war crimes in Kuwait and elsewhere,” he said in a statement on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq.
The state department said, “We look forward to the day when Iraq accepted its international obligations and returned as a full partner in the international community. Until that day, US and the international community must be vigilant in denying Saddam Hussein the ability to commit further atrocities against his neighbours and Iraqi people.
Report: Zeenext Bureau