US warned of revenge over Osama death

Al Qaeda has again called on Muslims to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden.

Nicosia: Al Qaeda has again
called on Muslims to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden and
said Americans will "pay the price" for President Barack
Obama`s decision to kill him, the SITE Intelligence monitoring
service has said.

Al-Fajr Media Centre, which SITE calls the exclusive
online distributor of al Qaeda propaganda, said yesterday the
assassination was a "big mistake" and a "serious sin," and
that Obama had brought disaster on the American people.

The statement, made available by the US-based SITE,
opened with a lengthy eulogy of bin Laden, killed last week by
US commandos in Pakistan.

It said that "despite the stress and the affliction,
he continued to smile, certain of the victory of Allah and
convinced of His support. He did not retreat nor flatter;
instead, he incited to jihad and martyrdom and sought that
with his person and his money."

Turning to the American people, it said: "Today, Obama
distributed among you the blood of our martyr. We are an Umma
(the global Muslim community) that does not remain silent to
injustice, so do not blame us after today.

"You are those who chose him and you are those who
will pay the price. Obama is protected by armies, (but) who
will protect you from our assault?"

It echoed a statement by bin Laden`s sons released by
SITE earlier yesterday, which lambasted the al Qaeda leader`s
burial at sea.

"We warn the Americans against touching the body of
the sheikh ... or treating it in an improper way.

"The dead bodies should be handed over to their
families, or else any offence will open unto you doors of
multitudes of evil for which you will only have yourselves to
blame. We call upon all the Muslims to fulfil their duty to
enforce this truth."

Al-Fajr said: "It is necessary to take revenge for the
killing of the Sheikh of Jihad and the Lion of Islam, in such
a way that will make America forget the pleasure of its
happiness and make it cry blood.

"We say to every mujahid (holy warrior) Muslim, if
there is an opportunity, do not waste it. Do not consult
anyone about killing Americans or destroying their economy.

"The land of Allah is vast and their interests are
spread, so make the utmost effort to strike them so that the
word of Allah is supreme -- as our martyr Sheikh, with
permission from Allah, advised.


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