US warns sources identified in leaked cables

US is warning foreign govt officials as they are in danger after WikiLeaks dump.

Washington: US diplomats are warning
hundreds of human rights activists, businesspeople and foreign
government officials they are in danger after the massive
WikiLeaks dump, The New York Times said on Friday.

A team of some 30 people in Washington and US
embassies across the world are tasked with the operation amid
US fears that the disclosure of some of the quarter million
classified diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks has hurt
Washington`s interests by exposing diplomats` sources, the
Times said.

Officials from President Barack Obama`s administration
told the newspaper that some of the sources for the leaked
cables were relocated within their home countries and others
were moved abroad, though they were not aware of anyone being
attacked or imprisoned over the leaks.

"We feel responsible for doing everything possible to
protect these people," Assistant Secretary of State for
Democracy, Human Rights and Labour Michael Posner, who is
overseeing the damage control effort, told the Times. "We`re
taking it extremely seriously."

About the 99 per cent of 251,287 cables obtained by
the whistleblower website have not been released yet, but the
State Department has reviewed most of the documents and
distributed many of them for review by diplomats posted at
embassies abroad.