Weight gain linked to genes: Study

Putting on weight? Blame it on your genes, says a new study.

Washington: Putting on weight? Blame it on your genes, says a new study.

An international team, led by Garvan Institute, has carried out the study and found that the relationship between overeating and weight gain is actually linked to a person`s
genetic history, the `Diabetologia` journal reported.

In their study, the scientists have shown that healthy people with a genetic predisposition to Type 2 diabetes gain more weight by overeating over the short term than their non-
genetically prone counterparts.

Seventeen people with a family history of Type 2 diabetes, along with 24 people without any family history, took part in the research. The groups were matched for age, weight and lifestyle.
Each person was asked to eat 1,250 calories a day beyond their energy requirements -- all carefully calculated in advance. They were given a variety of high-fat snacks such
as crisps, chocolate bars and dairy desserts to supplement their normal diets.

Their weight, fat distribution and blood insulin levels were measured at the start of the project, after 3 days and at 28 days.
On average, the people with a family history of diabetes gained over a kilogramme more than the rest over 28 days. They also had more insulin circulating in their systems
after 3 days, before they showed any detectable difference in weight gain from the other group, the study found.


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