WikiLeaks can damage relations between countries: Medvedev

Russian Prez said that secret memos released by WikiLeaks could damage relations between countries.

Mumbai: Terming diplomacy as a "quiet
activity", Russian President Dmitry Medvedev today
acknowledged that secret memos released by whistle-blowing
website WikiLeaks could damage relations between countries.

"I see that it has pluses and minuses. ...may be all
the issues discussed by diplomats should not be made public
quickly. Ultimately they are bound to be made public in a
hundred or two hundred years. But they damage relations
between countries," Medvedev said.

The Russian President was responding to a question by
a student at IIT-Bombay during an interaction programme.

Claiming that the cables released by WikiLeaks would
cause no harm to Russia, he said, "We do not care about it,
but sometimes people use rough words and others get emotional
about it."

Describing diplomacy as a "quiet activity", Medvedev
said sometimes unpopular and dramatic decisions have to be

"Each person should realise that in inter-state
relations, sooner or later, information would be made public,"
he said.