WikiLeaks expose the true face of the US: CPI(M)

The whistleblower website WikiLeaks has now released more than 2.5 lakh classified cables from US embassies across the world.

New Delhi: Maintaining that the `WikiLeaks` exposed the "true face" of the US, the CPI(M) on Friday said the leaked diplomatic cables have "chillingly revealed the
unscrupulous means" that the Americans use in their drive to establish global "hegemony".

"Advancing human rights and universal values can only happen if this hegemonic ambition is defeated and international relations are based on the principles of
universal equality and mutual respect," the party said in an editorial in its mouthpiece `People`s Democracy`.

It said the whole world looked up to the US when its people elected an African-American as its President but the party had earlier warned that a "leopard never changes its

The whistleblower website WikiLeaks has now released more than 2.5 lakh classified cables from US embassies across the world, including some sent as recently as in February this year.

"These, once again, confirm the unscrupulous manner in which US imperialism operates to establish its hegemony over the world. The present set of releases which, we are told,
will continue, details the manner in which USA interferes in the internal affairs of various countries," it said.

"The most damning exposure has come of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton`s alleged order to US officials to spy on high-ranking UN diplomats including the Secretary General. It must be recollected that international treaties ban spying at the UN," the party said.

Clearly violating international conventions, the party said, these secret cables allege that Clinton ordered US diplomats to obtain DNA data including iris scans and finger
prints apart from credit card and frequent flyer numbers of UN diplomats.

It also said many of these revelations show the "dubious role" that the US plays in the Middle East peace process.

US missions in Israel, Jordan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt were allegedly asked to gather biometric information on key Palestinian Authority and Hamas leaders and
representatives particularly the young guard inside Gaza and the West Bank, the party said.

"Needless to add, all this information goes into ensuring that both USA and Israel together work to continue denying the Palestinians their right to a homeland," it said.


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