WikiLeaks files not critical for ties with US: Medvedev

Medvedev said the recent leaks by the website were not critical for Moscow`s relations with US.

Moscow: Russian President Dmity Medvedev,
who has been referred to as a `Robin` to `Batman` Putin in the
US embassy cables from Moscow, on Friday made light of the
"revealing" documents released by WikiLeaks though he said
they make evident the "cynicism" of US foreign policy.

He said the recent leaks of confidential US diplomatic
cables by the whistleblower website were not critical for
Moscow`s relations with Washington and the US would have
got the same amount of pleasure if similar secret Russian
cables were made public.

"We are not paranoid and we do not link Russian-
American relations with any leaks, although the leaks are

"They show a full measure of cynicism of those
evaluations and judgements that often prevail in the foreign
policy of various states, in this case I am referring to the
United States," Medvedev said.

The leaked confidential cables from the US Embassy in
Moscow have named Medvedev as `Pale and Hesitant` playing
"Robin" to Putin "Batman".

"I do not see anything critical, especially because
discussions can be different," Medvedev said.

He was addressing a joint press conference in the
Black Sea resort of Sochi after talks with the visiting
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

"If what our Foreign Ministry and Foreign Intelligence
Service write in their confidential cables is made public, the
United States would also get a lot of pleasure," Medvedev said
in his televised remarks.

"God forbid if there is ever a leak of what our
foreign ministry is saying or the foreign intelligence
service," he said.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin`s spokesman
Dmitry Peskov said the cables leaked by the WikiLeaks are so
"comical" that they cannot possibly affect Russian-US

Putin is perhaps one of the few world leaders, who
have irately reacted to the leaked observations of the US
diplomats in Moscow.

"We were fully aware of the fact that many people
would try to introduce a split in our joint approach to the
construction of the Russian Federation... but, to be honest
with you, we didn`t suspect that this would be done with such
arrogance, with such impudence and so brazenly," Putin said in
an interview to Larry King of CNN commenting on `Batman and
Robin` remarks about the ruling tandem.

In an interview to ITAR-TASS Putin`s spokesman Peskov
said the allegations Putin stashing huge amounts of were
"circulated at the level of tabloids, fabrications,
insinuations, and they were picked up by these

"One can`t even call them libellous, because libel has
to be based on certain arguments, but these claims are not
backed up by anything," Peskov said.