World needs youth to solve challenges: Michelle

US First Lady Michelle Obama said it is a pleasure and honour to be in India.

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: After displaying her extraordinary dancing skills with kids, US First Lady Michelle Obama on the second day of her India visit said it is a pleasure and honour to be in the South Asian country.

Greeting selected students gathered from six Mumbai colleges at St Xavier`s , Michelle spoke passionately about herself, her upbringing and encouraged the youngsters to keep having `gigantic dreams`.

Michelle stressed on the power of education. She urged the youth not only to dream big but also to fulfil them for the betterment of their own community and of the world.

Lauding India’s culture and hospitality, the US First Lady said, “We are thrilled to be here. This is my first trip to India, but not my first exposure. I grew up in Chicago which has one of the largest Indian American communities in the US.”

“We hosted the PM (Dr Manmohan Singh) and his wife last year. I danced there too. I have really been looking forward to the trip," she added.

Elaborating on her own experiences, Michelle said, “My family didn’t have a lot of money and my parents worked hard to pay bills and to keep a roof over head. They could not provide us materials but taught us the most important aspects of live - strong values, treat everyone with dignity and respect. They taught us to be humble and be grateful for what we have.”

“My parents said circumstances didn’t define us. We can build and define our own destiny,” Michelle added.

Emphasising on improving the relations between two democracies - one the world`s oldest and another the largest - the US First Lady encouraged the students from both India and US to connect and share experiences.

The US First Lady added, "I believe you and your peers around the world are up to the challenge. All children regardless of their circumstances deserve the same chance to get educated and build a successful life. You are doing it too. Finding new ways to conserve energy. As First Lady I have tried to engage young people to let them know that we need you to help solve the challenges of our time.”

“My husband just doesn’t meet the state leaders and discusses political or business environment but emphasises on meeting and hold discussion with the youth of different countries,” Michelle said, underlining the importance of the youth.

She ended her address by introducing her husband and saying: "Ask my husband some tough questions. That makes his day. But you got to keep him on his toes."

To this, the President said: "I also don`t like speaking after Michelle because she teases me. If you want to ask me easy questions, go on."