Independence Day of India 2012: Independence Day Celebrations 2012, Independence Day India - 15 August
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
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Vote for your favourite Indian! This list is a random one with only some names that we are proud of.
A R Rahman
He defines the modern Indian sound not only for us but for the world at large. Allah Rakha Rahman reached the height of the music world when this year he won two Oscars for Slumdog Millionaire- the first by any Indian.
APJ Abdul Kalam
He is often known as the father of India’s nuclear missile program, but Abdul Kalam likes to be known as a motivator for youth. After taking the office of President to a new vibrancy, Kalam spends his time igniting minds and gracefully getting checked at airports. Mother Teresa
She was born in Albania but the call of God brought her to heal the downtrodden of Kolkatta. Picking up the diseased and hungry from streets and caring for them like a mother, not just earned her the Nobel prize, but the reverence reserved for saints in this country. Lata Mangeskar
The Nightingale of India figures in the Guinness Book of world Records for singing the largest number of songs and even that is not enough as she continues to mesmerise generations with her soul stirring vocal talent. Sachin Tendulkar
The ‘Little Maestro’ has consistently brought laurels to the country over the years, and he continues to be an icon and a true role model with his calmness and dedication. A personification of grit and genius, he has not just broken records but set benchmarks for the world to follow. Satyajit Ray
His Pather Panchali is considered the Bible for any film-maker throughout the world. A filmmaker with a difference, Ray as a writer was known for his love for the esoteric and eeriness in his fiction as much as for his acumen in crafting amazing scientific tales. His creations, the gifted sleuth Feluda, and Professor Shanko have attained immortality in Bengali literature. Amartya Sen
From Shantiniketan to Oxford, the journey of this economist has been the most amazing one. He won India its first Nobel Prize for Economics. His Human Development Theory has been guiding India and many nations to the path of development. Abhinav Bindra
He brought unprecedented pride to the nation with his Beijing Olympics feat. The ace shooter has proved that greatness can be achieved if one has the right approach towards the goal. The first Indian to bag an individual Olympics gold is also an apt role model for the youth of the nation Amitabh Bachchan
He is unarguably the big daddy of Bollywood. Having starred in numerous blockbusters since the 70s, Bachchan’s claim to fame is larger than any Indian silver screen star. In an age when most hang up their shoes, he continues to inspire the younger generation of actors by his work. G. Madhavan Nair
Nair, a leading technologist in the field of rocket systems, made significant contribution to the development of multi-stage satellite launch vehicles, achieving self-reliance in independent access to space using indigenous technologies. He led the team of elite scientists that made India only the sixth country in the world to have reached the Moon. Now he has promised us Mars!
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Maximum days spent by Prime Minister in office – Jawaharlal Lal Nehru (6130 days)
Maximum addresses to nation by a Prime Minister on Independence Day–(Jawaharlal Nehru)
Maximum budgets presented by Union Finance Minister – (Morarji Desai -10)
Maximum seats won by a party in India – Indian National Congress (404 out of 543 - 1984)
Maximum Prime Minister from a single state – Uttar Pradesh (8 out of 15)
Maximum candidates fought for one seat – 1003 in 1996 for Modaurichi Assembly (Tamil Nadu)
Maximum ruled party in India - Indian National Congress (Single and Coalition both)
Maximum MPs representing a state - (Uttar Pradesh - 80)
Maximum MLAs representing a state – (Uttar Pradesh 403 –Constituencies)
Maximum women members representing Parliament – (10.7 per cent in 2009)
Maximum voter turnout in a year for Lok Sabha election - (63.56 % - 1984 election)
Maximum male turn out in Lok Sabha election - (68.17% - 1984 election)
Maximum female turn out in 1984 for Lok Sabha election - (58.59%).
Maharashtra has the maximum GDP for Year 2010-11 (14.46%)
Goa has the maximum Per-capita Income for Year 2010-11 (Rs 132719)
Maximum FDI equity inflows from April 2000 to April 2011 for MUMBAI @ 45,830 in US$ Million.
Mumbai has maximum capital transaction to Indian economy – (2010- 11, 70%)
Maximum sector-wise FDI inflows from (April 2000 to April 2011) is in Services sector with 27,668.40 in US$ million.
Maximum Kisan credit cards issued by U.P state in India - (Uttar Pradesh -15894058) until 2009
Maximum GDP achieved by India - 10.10 per cent in September 2006
. Indian telecom industry gain maximum subscribers during 2010-11(227 million subscribers)
Punjab produces the maximum wheat in India in 2010-11 (9676 in'000 tonnes).
West Bengal produces the maximum fish production in India as per 2008-09 (1509912).
India is the largest producer and consumer of tea in the world, accounting for more than 30% of global production and 25% of consumption.
India has maximum irrigated land (55 million hectares) in the world 2006-07.
India has maximum production of Pulses (15 million tons) in the world, accounting for nearly 21 percent of global Pulse production 2006-07.
India is the maximum producer and exporter of spices in the world. It has produced maximum 4.66 million tons of spices in 2006-07.
India is the maximum producer of sugarcane. It has produced 345.31 million tonnes during 2006-07.
Mumbai has achieved maximum rank in housing, city planning, socio-cultural political environment and economic infrastructure in India 2010.
India has the maximum milk producer with an annual output 108.5 million tonnes in 2008-09.
ONGC maximum market capitalization among all listed PSUs 2010-11 (Rs 2.36 Trillion).
Coal India has maximum ratio of reserves to production among global peers in 2010-11.
State Bank of India has the maximum branches, market capital and profit in India 2010-11.
LIC has the maximum sales force of 1.34 million advisors as of 2010-11.
LIC has maximum Institutional investors in India as of 2010-11.
Reliance Industries is the maximum producer of yarn and fiber in the world.
Maximum top multinational companies have the headquarters in Mumbai 2010-11.
Mumbai is the maximum Industrial and urbanized state of India 2010-11.
BSNL and MTNL, two PSU operators hold maximum share in landline market (82.29) in May 2011.
Bharti Airtel holds maximum share in wireless subscribers with 19.88 per cent (May 2011).
Mukesh Ambani is the richest Indian with a net worth of $ 27 billion. He has been the one having maximum riches in India for three years in a row according to Forbes India magazine.
Meghalaya has the maximum child population of its total population among the states of India as per 2011 census.
Kerala has the maximum literacy rate at 93.91 per cent as per 2011 census.
Kerala has the maximum sex ratio of 1084 female per 1000 male as per 2011 census.
Taj Mahal attracts maximum foreigners in India (2010-11).
Kerala has maximum international airports - Trivandrum, Cochin and Calicut.
India has maximum female literacy rate 65.46 per cent in 2011.
Sachin Tendulkar has scored maximum runs in Test Cricket (Runs 14810) and One day International (Runs 18111) cricket in world.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni as captain has maximum winning percentage of Test cricket and One day international in India.
Gautam Gambhir has scored maximum runs (Runs 621) in T20 cricket in India.
Anil Kumble has maximum wickets in Test Cricket (Wicket 619) and One day International (wicket 337) cricket in India.
Vishwanathan Anand became the only player in chess history to have won the maximum World Championship in three different formats: Knockout, Tournament, and Match.
India’s maximum score in one day international is 414\7 which against Sri-Lanka in 2009.
Mary Kom won maximum number of World Boxing Championship (5 times) .Mary Kom had won four title of World Boxing Championship in the 46 kg category and one won in the 48 kg category.
Bollywood has maximum Entertainment hub producing more than 800 films per year.
A. R Rahman won maximum Oscar’s award in India (2 Times)
Dilip Kumar won maximum Best Actor Film Fare awards (8 times)
Shabana Azmi won maximum Best Actress National award (5 Times)
Black (2005) won maximum Film Fare awards. It won 11 film fare awards.
Lata Mangeshkar has recorded maximum 30,000 (solo, duet, and chorus-backed songs) in 20 Indian languages.
Kumar Sanu holds Guinness world record for the maximum number of songs recorded in a single day – 28.
Katrina Kaif Won the Title of Sexiest Woman for the maximum number of time (3)
Maximum 39 films released south Indian star Prem Nazie in a single year 1979.
Maximum collections of rock paintings by V.S Wankakaner at Bhimbetka caves.