500 days of demonetisation: Congress compares PM Modi to 'harebrained', 'sheep'

Polls for polls for 224-member assembly in Karnataka are scheduled to be held in the next few weeks.

500 days of demonetisation: Congress compares PM Modi to 'harebrained', 'sheep'

NEW DELHI/MYSURU: Attacking the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the eve of five hundred days of demonetisation, the Congress compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to a 'sheep' with 'harebrained idea'.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, the Congress shared, “Today marks 500 days of one of the greatest disasters in Indian history. On this day, we remember all those innocent people who lost their lives because of one person’s harebrained idea #DemoDisaster.” In the accompanying image, the party wrote, “#DeMonetisation reminds us of sheep who cheered when their leader promised them a blanket each. Till one sheep asked, 'Where will the wool come from?' - Merwyn Ferrao” 

Rahul Gandhi, who's currently in fourth-leg of the political campaign for upcoming Karnataka polls, also attacked the concept of demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax or GST.

“I think Demonetisation was a mistake and shouldn't have been done,” said the Congress President at Maharani's Arts College for Women in Mysuru.

“Demonetisation and GST were massive damage to Indian economy and job creation. I have a problem with the way demonetisation was carried out, RBI Governor, Chief Economic Advisor, Finance Minister, none of them knew of it,” he added.

“In a country the size of India, ideas should be tested before implementing on a large scale. Demonetisation was badly conceived and it was an extremely damaging step on Indian economy,” added Gandhi.

He went on to say, “We are growing pretty decently as an economy but we are not creating jobs, it is because those who have skills don't have access to finance and support. The problem is, huge amount of money goes to 15-20 people.”

Adding to his rhetoric, Gandhi said that giving power to civilians and decentralisation are the right ways to curb black money

Training his guns on the recent Punjab National Bank scam, the Congress chief said, “Nirav Modi took Rs 22,000 crore of bank money. Can you imagine how many businesses could have been built by young women like you if we had given Rs 22,000 crore to you.”

The campaign battle between BJP and Congress has heated up on the ground with polls for 224-member assembly in Karnataka are scheduled to be held in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the BJP on Friday registered a major victory when the party managed to get all its nine candidates in the Rajya Sabha polls elected from Uttar Pradesh. In Karnataka, Siddaramaiah-led ruling Congress bagged three Rajya Sabha seats and BJP one in the biennial election, amid a boycott of the poll by the JDS, alleging electoral malpractice.

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