As mercury rises, IMD warns 50C possible in several parts of Rajasthan

Temperature in Japir could cross 45 degree Celsius while adjoining areas of Bikaner and Churu may get even hotter, according to IMD.

As mercury rises, IMD warns 50C possible in several parts of Rajasthan
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New Delhi: Several areas in north India are experiencing soaring temperatures and there may not be any respite in sight - especially for several parts of Rajasthan where, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), mercury could touch 50 degree Celsius in the coming weeks.

IMD has warned that temperature can range between 47 and 50 degree celsius in the upcoming weeks of May and June. "Temperature can go up to 47-50 degree Celsius in parts of Rajasthan. Temperature would be around 45 degree Celsius in Jaipur in the months of May and June," Chetan Sharma of IMD told news agency ANI, adding that Bikaner, Churu and other adjoining districts could get even hotter.

While Japiur baked at 43 degree Celsius on Saturday, areas like Bikaner, Churu, Sri Ganganagar, Jaisalmer and Jodhpur too were well over the 40C mark.

The national capital of Delhi too boiled at 43 degree Celsius but IMD has predicted light showers in the early hours on Sunday to bring about some respite although humidity may rise.

Rain has also been forecast for some areas in Punjab and Haryana. On Saturday evening, Ludhiana in Punjab experienced a sudden change in weather which led to nearly night-like skies.



Health experts are nonetheless urging locals to take every possible precaution to stay safe and prevent dehydration - especially during peak hours of the day.