Man films own suicide, blames wife, in-laws and 'tantriks'

The man accused his wife of betraying him and her parents of forcing him to take part in occult rituals.

Man films own suicide, blames wife, in-laws and 'tantriks'
Representational image courtesy Pixabay

Jodhpur: A shocking video recently went viral on social media in which a young man filmed himself as he jumped in front of a train. In the video and in a suicide note he left behind, the man blamed marital problems as the reason for his drastic step.

The incident took place in Satlana where a man named Mukhesh Chauhan live streamed his own suicide on social media. In the video, Chauhan blamed his wife of betraying his trust, and his in-laws for taking him to tantriks (occultists). It is reported that Chahuhan had recently married his lover of five years but that marital problems soon broke out between the two. While in the video and in the suicide note left behind, Chahuhan repeatedly confessed that he loved his wife dearly, he also blamed her for betraying him, and said that her family had compelled him to perform occult rituals.

Chauhan also said that he was aware how much his decision to take his own life would hurt his parents and younger sister but added that he had no choice. He mentions that he sees no point in living if he has has no love.

While the video gained quite a lot of traction on social media, local police officials have begun examining it and promise a complete probe. The incident also throws light on how occult practices not only exists across India but destroys lives - often forcing victims to take extreme steps.