Mullahs should be punished for issuing fatwas: Taslima Nasreen on threat to Nahid Afrin

 'Why don't Muslim fanatics get arrested for issuing fatwas?'

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Mar 15, 2017, 17:40 PM IST
Mullahs should be punished for issuing fatwas: Taslima Nasreen on threat to Nahid Afrin

New Delhi: Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who is living in exile in India, has come out strongly in support of 16-year-old Assamese girl Nahid Afrin, against whom a fatwa was issued for being a singer.

“Mullahs should be punished for issuing fatwas. They don't believe in human rights, women's rights,” Nasreen said.

"In a democracy, everybody should have human rights, freedom of expression...without freedom of expression democracy means nothing,” Nasreen said.

Over 40 clerics from Muslim organisations issued a 'fatwa' against Afrin, restricting her from performing on stage, saying that the performance by a girl on stage was against the "Sharia laws".

Praising Afrin, she said, “The girl is very brave, whenever fanatics target women they should say we will not bow down.”

Attacking the clerics, Nasreen also wondered as to why they are allowed to go unpunished despite openly threatening someone.

“Recently some Hindu fanatics were arrested for issuing threat on someone, why aren't Muslim fanatics arrested? Five mullahs issued a fatwa against me and even personally attacked me...why aren't Muslim fanatics get arrested in India, they should be punished,” she added.

The celebrated writer stressed that no should prevent women from doing whatever she likes doing.

“Women should be allowed to sing, write, dance...we should not accept that part of Islam that prevents Muslim women from doing what they like,” Nasreen said.

“Women must get equal rights but they won't get equal rights outside if they don't get equal rights at home. Men will have a more dignified life by living with a partner and not a slave,” she added.