Narendra Modi is world's most-hardworking PM: Amit Shah on NDA's 4th anniversary

"We are proud this Prime Minister is a leader of BJP."

Narendra Modi is world's most-hardworking PM: Amit Shah on NDA's 4th anniversary
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@BJP4India

New Delhi: Congratulating the NDA government for completing four years of being in power, Amit Shah on Saturday praised Narendra Modi for his hard-work and popularity.

Addressing a press conference at party headquarters in the capital, Amit Shah claimed that the Modi government has taken several social and economic steps that have helped millions of people in the country lead a better life. Reserving a special praise for PM Modi, he said the achievements of the government are a result of his dedication. "BJP provided the most hardworking Prime Minister and the most popular leader in the world to the country, a PM who works for 15-18 hours a day. We are proud this Prime Minister is a leader of BJP," he said.

Amit Shah also lashed out at the opposition. "Their agenda is to remove Modi and BJP. BJP's agenda is removing corruption and poverty from India."

Some of the other key quotes against the opposition were as follows:

* Opposition unity does not scare us. They were standing against us before the previous Lok Sabha elections as well. What happened? As long as we have support of people, nothing else matters.

* TDP left but Nitish ji came. 11 more parties became part of NDA after 2014. Family of NDA has increased, not decreased. Only Chandrababu ji left.

* Opposition will lie, lie loudly, lie always but that does not mean their lies become the truth.

* Those who have received gas cylinders know they have it. People know they have jobs. Farmers have benefitted since Modi ji came to power. Houses were built, toilets constructed, villages electrified. But Congress cannot see it. It does not matter. What matters is people can.

* The current prices of petrol and diesel were the same during three years of Congress government. But they are fed up of these raised prices in only three days in our government? The government will form a long-term solution for it (price rise).

While Amit Shah then went onto elaborate on measures taken in the economic and social spheres, party leaders, workers and supporters across the country have been celebrating the occasion with much fervour. BJP now plans to reach out to one lakh 'famous personalities' from all spheres of life to highlight the government's achievements.

Congress, as was expected, is not much impressed and called it 'Betrayal Day.' Party president Rahul Gandhi took a pot shot and tweeted a report card which blamed PM Modi for having a short attention span.


Political analysts though mostly agree that it is the charismatic leadership of PM Modi that has immensely benefited BJP - a party that has governments in 21 states either directly or as alliance partners.