Only tall dreams matter: Three-foot bride and groom show love conquers all

Monali Kavle and Sandip Geete showed that where there's love, there's a way. And just for the record, both said a big no to dowry.

Only tall dreams matter: Three-foot bride and groom show love conquers all
Representational image courtesy Pixabay

New Delhi: There was nothing small about the manner in which a certain wedding took place in Maharashtra's Nasik district recently. But it was not the grandeur but the enthusiasm with which the holy ceremony took place that drew locals and officials to the wedding of a couple - both three-feet tall and with even taller dreams.

While both Monali Kavle - the bride, and Sandip Geete - the groom, may have been three-feet tall but their wedding was just as grand as any. People from distant towns came to be a part of their special day. And special it was indeed. A lavish palki made from select flowers was prepared for Monali and Sandip for them to reach the ceremony in. A DJ was arranged to welcome them and his beats kept the guests entertained through the ceremony and even after. As for the guest list, there were several officials from the local administration as well and they blessed the newlyweds after the ceremony.

Their wedding may have been like a fairytale but it is only by chance that the two met. It is learnt that Monali's parents were not able to find a match for her because of her height. After many failed attempts, they discussed their predicament with a local from another district who informed them that he knew of a family with a son with the same worry. Rest worked like a charm and Monali and Sandip fell for each other as if they were meant for each other.

Both families made elaborate plans for the wedding but said they won't give or take any dowry. Setting an example for other couples and their families, Monali and Sandip have indeed shown that where there's love, there's a way.