Pakistan now sending terror ideologues to 'brainwash' Kashmiri youths

Pakistan is relying more on terror ideologues and preachers than its foot soldiers to execute its anti-India plans.

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Apr 25, 2017, 16:17 PM IST
Pakistan now sending terror ideologues to 'brainwash' Kashmiri youths

New Delhi: Intelligence agencies tracking cross-border terrorism have warned that Pakistan is now sending terror ideologues and preachers into Jammu and Kashmir to 'brainwash' Kashmiri youths.

The move is indicative of a change in Pakistan's strategy as it is relying more on these terror preachers than its foot soldiers to execute its nefarious anti-India plans.

These preachers, the intelligence agencies warn, have been given a single-line order to lure as many young men as they can, and persuade them to take up arms, according to a report published by DNA.

A recent review done by the intelligence agencies and the Army claimed that out of the 150 Pakistan-trained terrorists currently operating out of J&K, 40 to 50 have not fired a bullet in recent times.

These terrorists have become preachers with a mission to recruit and influence youngsters to take on security forces.

Abu Dujana, the commander of dreaded terror outfit Lashkar-e-Toiba, which is active in J&K, is among the Pakistani terrorists who are now preparing the next generation of local militants. 

DNA also quoted sources as saying that these terror preachers are coaxing women and young girls to join the stone-pelting mobs.

"They have realised being part of terror operations is too much of a risk. Instead, they are focusing on radicalising the youth and launching them into terror activities," the report quoted a security official as saying. 

The recent trend of locals pelting stones at security forces is a result of Pakistan's changed strategy, sources said.

In the last one year, at least 25 terrorists have managed to slip as mobs pelted stones at the forces while a gun-battle was on. Abu Dujana managed to escape twice in these incidents. 

"The 'preachers' are telling their 'students' to also target civilians," stated another official.

There have been three recent incidents when locals have been targeted.

The tactic has already led to an all time high in local terror recruitment. A recent review done by the army shows there are close to 250 local recruits and 150 Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir as of now.

Security agencies are alarmed by the sharp increase in the number of local as well as Pakistani terrorists. Before local Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani was killed in July last year, the tally stood at 91 locals and 60 Pakistanis.

Wani's killing triggered months of unrest in the state with frequent violent clashes between civilians and security forces.

Security forces have managed to kill 40 terrorists this year, gunning down 32 in the hinterland and eight at the LoC.