Pizza lovers beware! This Domino's oregano sachet gives customer goosebumps

Pizza lovers beware! This Domino's oregano sachet gives customer goosebumps

A Domino's customer in Gurgaon was left shocked when he saw live insects crawling out of a Pizza seasoning packet.

Delhi resident  Rahul Arora, who shared the stomach-turning video on Facebook warned others and wrote," "#BEWARE! All lovers of Domino's Pizza India's oregano seasoning, like myself. This is what they make you eat."


"Ordered their pizza this Friday night. Found Oregano sachets infested with insects. Did not discover it until the next day when we opened one of the leftover sachets to spread it on some bread. We were #shocked. Opened all the sachets they delivered and found these in every single one of them. Recorded one of it. Check out the video... Don't know how many of these we actually ate! Feel outraged," Rahul claimed while posting the video on September 10. 

Soon after Arora's post, the pizza restaurant chain apologised to its customer saying,"We always ensure that our guests are satisfied on all aspects. We maintain strict guidelines and rules set at all our restaurants to maintain the quality of our products and we always make sure such incidents never occur, however, we apologize for the experience that you have had with us. Kindly share with us your contact number and email id via private message so that we can investigate this further."

Talking to NDTV over the incident, Arora said,"The insects are very tiny and can be easily mistaken for herbs as they don't move much and have similar texture to that of the herbs. It's only when I suspected something wrong and poked the seasoning with my finger to check, that they scattered."