Plan ahead! Banks will be shut for three consecutive days

Most of the banks will remain closed for three days in a row  - from April 28 to April 30.

Plan ahead! Banks will be shut for three consecutive days
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NEW DELHI: After the recent long bank holiday and the problem of cash shortage across the country, banks will again remain closed for three days in a row starting from April 28.

Most of the banks will remain closed on April 28, which is the 4th Saturday of this month. 

Banks will also remain closed on Sunday, April 29, which is the normal weekly-off day for the bank employees.

On April 30 (Monday), banks will again remain closed on account of the 'Buddha Purnima' – a bank holiday. 

The banks remaining closed for three consecutive days would mean that no major banking transactions will take place between April 28-30.

For those having some pending bank-related work or any urgent requirement for cash, the banks will remain fully functional on Friday (April 27. 

Though most of the bank ATMs will continue to operate as usual and there would be hopefully no cash crunch, which was witnessed in the recent past, it is advisable for the customers to withdraw cash in advance should there be an urgent requirement.

It is important to be prepared because the weekend closure of banks comes at a time when a lot of marriages are currently being solemnised in many parts of the country.

There were strong speculations last month that banks will remain closed continuously for five days from March 29 to April 2.

This triggered rumours that the long closure of banks will not only hamper cash flow, disrupt financial transactions of many businesses but also affect thousands of individual bank customers who may need banking services for various reasons. 

But, thankfully, many banks were operational on Saturday, March 31, which came as a big relief to the customers.

This time also, if anyone is planning to visit his bank either on Saturday or Monday, then that won’t be possible as banks will remain closed on both the days. 

Hence, it would be better to get all your bank-related pending work done on Friday.

In view of the last month's cash crunch, which many in the government said was 'artificially created,' the Centre constituted a multi-agency task force to look into the matter. Sources close to the development told Zee Media that the unit, to be formed under Prime Minister's Office (PMO), had been tasked to investigate the recent paucity of cash in banks and ATMs and submit its report within 15 days.