Two husbands, one wife and a violent recipe of assault in Ajmer

It is learnt that Kanta Devi married two men in a space of a few months and when her first husband got to know of this, he decided to take law into his own hands.

Two husbands, one wife and a violent recipe of assault in Ajmer
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New Delhi: In a bizzare incident in a local hospital in Ajmer recently, two men assaulted each other after claiming that they had the same wife - a woman called Kanta Devi.

According to local sources, Kanta Devi married a man called Trilok Singh late last year. Earlier this month - on March 13, she married again, this time to a man called Vijendra Singh. Both men were reportedly unaware of her twin marriages. Their ignorance came to a nightmarish end with Kanta Devi visited a local hospital recently with Vijendra. Suspecting her of infidelity, Trilok marched into the hospital with some of his friends and began assaulting both Kanta Devi and Vijendra. While Vijendra did try to fight back, he was eventually forced to take cover in the hospital's post-mortem room with Kanta Devi.

By the time Trilok located them and resumed assaulting them, a large crowd had gathered at the scene. Local cops were called in but some of them too were assaulted by Trilok in a fit of rage. The cops immediately retaliated by packing everyone involved in the brawl in their vehicles. It is learnt that Trilok and his friends were eventually booked on charges of disrupting public peace and order, and will face a local magistrate.