Union minister for environment acts in Luv Kush Ram Leela, Twitter wonders why

While many on Twitter see nothing wrong in Dr Harsh Vardhan participating in Ram Leela, there are others who believe a minister for the environment should be more concerned about Delhi's pollution than acting.

Union minister for environment acts in Luv Kush Ram Leela, Twitter wonders why
ANI Photo

New Delhi: Dr Harsh Vardhan participated in Luv Kush Ram Leela in Old Delhi on Friday and photos of him as Raja Janak was quite the rage on Twitter a day later. It was also the day when pollution levels in the city sky-rocketed, prompting many to question if the union minister for environment has his priorities rather mixed up.

Photos of Harsh Vardhan sitting on a throne in a costume, complete with makeup and a crown, became a talking point on social media moments after they were first posted. While many felt there is nothing wrong in a minister participating in Ram Leela, others questioned the timing considering pollution levels in the city have jumped to hazardous levels.







In his defence, Harsh Vardhan did put out a subtle message about cleaning the enviroment in one of his one-stage dialogues. He also tweeted about his experience playing the role.



This though was not the first time that Harsh Vardhan has been targeted online. Last year, when the pollution levels in Delhi had stubbornly remained alarmingly high, he had said that there was no need to panic and the situation was not as bad as the Bhopal gas tragedy. It was a comment that was lambasted at length.

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