Know how a single click online can ruin your life!

Know how a single click online can ruin your life!

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Technology has made the world a smaller place to live in - bringing shopping marts, banking, entertainment, and above all—your friends and relatives closer to you.

But did you realize that any unmindful clicking online can put you into deep trouble, and literally ruin your life?

Keep the following tips in mind before you browse unknown sites for shopping or downloading content:

1. Must check the url of the site you want to shop from or view on You will be able to collect all the information about the site.

2. Always put your phone on Guest mode before share with anyone-known or unknown to you. You must know that there are apps which, when downloaded on your phone, can be used to manipulate your personal data.

3. Avoid clicking on an unknown link on social media sites like Facebook. There could be a Trojan or other malware lurking in those links that can harm your computer or access your personal data.

4. If you own an Android phone, always download apps from Google Playstore. Also, you must not ignore the type of information, an app seeks before you download it from the play store. Its best to keep safe than sharing too much of personal information with the app creator.