Let's see how they treat JDS: HD Kumaraswamy on pre-poll alliance with Congress for 2019 polls

Congress has earlier asked Kumaraswamy to have the courage to face problems in the coalition government in Karnataka.

Let's see how they treat JDS: HD Kumaraswamy on pre-poll alliance with Congress for 2019 polls

BENGALURU: Amid reports of discontent brewing in the ruling coalition government in Karnataka, Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy on Tuesday hinted that he was open to a pre-poll alliance with Congress for 2019 Lok Sabha elections but it depended on the latter.

''Agenda is there. Let us see how Congress is going to treat JD(S),'' Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy said on being asked about chances of a pre-poll alliance with Congress in 2019 General Elections.

The remarks from the JDS leader comes days after he fuelled speculations of growing dissent in the Congress camp by making ''the pain of a coalition government' remark.

It is to be noted the ruling JDS is running a coalition government with Congress in Karnataka.

The Chief Minister later clarified that he did not mean anything about the Congress party or its leaders and he was misinterpreted by the media.

"I didn't speak about Congress or any Congress leader. I didn't mention anything about Congress in my speech. That was a party program and I got emotional, Media misinterpreted my speech," Kumaraswamy told ANI.

Speaking at a public event on July 17, an emotional Kumaraswamy broke down as he highlighted pains of leading a coalition government. He said that he could not accept bouquets and garlands for becoming the CM of the state because he is unhappy.

"While you may be happy thinking that your Anna or Thamma has become the chief minister, let me tell you that I’m not. I know the pain of coalition govt. I became 'Neelkanth' and swallowed pain of this govt," he had said, wiping tears from his face.

Attempting to console him a day later, the Congress asked him to have the courage to face the problems in running a coalition government. 

After days of mudslinging and political drama, Kumaraswamy was finally sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Karnataka on May 23, 2018. 

His party had emerged third - behind BJP and Congress - but when BS Yeddyurappa quit right before a show of strength on the floor of the assembly, Kumaraswamy took the mantle with support from Congress.