LIVE: Country wants to know who supported, who benefited from corruption in AW deal, says Manohar Parrikar

A fierce debate was held in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday on the issue of alleged graft in the purchase of AgustaWestland VVIP helicopters, with both the ruling BJP and opposition Congress attacking each other.

By Kamna Arora | Last Updated: Wednesday, May 4, 2016 - 19:49

New Delhi: A fierce debate was held in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday on the issue of alleged graft in the purchase of AgustaWestland VVIP helicopters, with both the ruling BJP and opposition Congress attacking each other.

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​Also Read: Country wants to know who instigated, benefited from AgustaWestland scam, says Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 19:36 PM

4 May 2016, 19:22 PM

The Rajya Sabha has concluded the debate on the AgustaWestland issue.

4 May 2016, 19:22 PM

After present government took over, CBI and ED have been rigorously pursuing all aspects of investigations - Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 19:18 PM

That bribes were paid is known to everybody. Where did the money go is being investigates, responds Parrikar.

4 May 2016, 19:17 PM

The Opposition demands Supreme Court-monitored, time-bound CBI inquiry into the AgustaWestland VVIP chopper bribery issue.

4 May 2016, 19:15 PM

More strangely ED did not act on FIR till July 2014, it appears an invincible hand was guiding actions or inactions by the CBI and the ED - Parrikar

4 May 2016, 19:15 PM

4 May 2016, 19:07 PM

Even as Parrikar is reading out his response to the AW debate, the Opposition is making noise and demanding a short speech from the minister.

4 May 2016, 19:03 PM

Why were field evaluation trials conducted outside India? Field trials in India were extremely important because topographical conditions here differ from those in the US and the UK - Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:58 PM

CAG report highlighted that allowed offsets were not compliant with DPP. Many Indian offsets partners were not eligible - Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:57 PM

Opposition demands the minister (Parrikar) to make a short speech.

4 May 2016, 18:57 PM

The benchmark cost given by the Contract Negotiation Committee was unreasonably high and had provided no realistic basis for price negotiations - Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:56 PM

Investigation in the matter has so far revealed involvement of IDS Infotech as conduit for transfer of bribe money - Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:45 PM

The fact that there was corruption in the matter is brought out in extensive details in recent judgments of the Milan court - Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:43 PM

The country wants to know as to who instigated, supported and benefited from corruption. We can't let this pass - Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:39 PM

A situation was created under which Eurocopter was eliminated despite fulfilling all operational requirements - Parrikar  

4 May 2016, 18:38 PM

Why was only one vendor selected for the deal? Rules were flouted for the deal - Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:38 PM

There was corruption in AgustaWestland deal, says Manohar Parrikar

4 May 2016, 18:34 PM

4 May 2016, 18:32 PM

It is proved beyond doubt there is corruption in this deal, you (NDA government) have to act now - AK Antony

4 May 2016, 18:24 PM

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar is now speaking on the AgustaWestland debate.

4 May 2016, 18:23 PM

MoD was contacting through MEA with the embassy in Rome, Government of Italy and prosecutor, Government in UK. When all attempts failed we became a party in the case, it is our willpower and determination to find out the truth, we fought the company - Antony

4 May 2016, 18:22 PM

After the first report in media on alleged scam in helicopter deal, we acted immediately - AK Antony

4 May 2016, 18:22 PM

The decision to change the height was taken by the then PMO and government (NDA) - AK Antony

4 May 2016, 17:58 PM

UPA blacklisted six companies, something never done before. We have sent a message that India will not tolerate corruption, says Antony.

4 May 2016, 17:57 PM

If you can find even an iota of truth in all the accusations being made, I will give up public life and resign, said Ahmed Patel just a while back.

4 May 2016, 17:56 PM

Former defence minister AK Antony is now speaking.

4 May 2016, 17:53 PM

My name only comes four times in the entire report (Italian court judgement). Does it say anywhere in the report that Congress leaders have taken bribe? And if anyone can prove that from this report, I will submit my resignation - Ahmed Patel

4 May 2016, 17:52 PM

Congress' Ahmed Patel is now speaking. He says CAG should not be used as a tool for political bickering.

4 May 2016, 17:45 PM

Shiv Sena's Sanjay Raut is speaking in the Rajya Sabha, says Italy was connected to both the Bofors scandal as well as AgustaWestland scandal.

4 May 2016, 17:32 PM

It was the UPA government which had filed a case in a Milan court after cancelling the AgustaWestland chopper deal to recover thew performance guarantee, and we managed to recover around Rs 2000 crores and also retained the three helicopters already supplied to us - Anand Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:26 PM

NDA government had approved field trials outside the country - Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:25 PM

What has been said here, attributing motives, insinuations, innuendos are without any foundation, malicious and motivated - Anand Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:24 PM

Field eveluation trials of the AgustaWestland choppers were done in the United Kingdom and not Italy, as claimed by the BJP MP who is obsessed with that country - Swamy

4 May 2016, 17:18 PM

It is wrong to say SPG was not consulted or that we created a single vendor situation - Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:17 PM

We know their agenda and we are determined to fight and expose that agenda - Anand Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:17 PM

We are in a system when new governments should not look into what the previous PMO was going - Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:16 PM

This is a democracy. What has been referred to, must be authenticated by the government, put here and scrutinized legally - Anand Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:10 PM

Sharma tells Treasury benches: Just wait and you will realise what king of gift you have brought in the House. You will realise when the direction of the cannon changes.

4 May 2016, 17:08 PM

The reputation of many in the previous government including ours has been questioned - Anand Sharma

4 May 2016, 17:06 PM

Congress leader Anand Sharma is now speaking.

4 May 2016, 17:05 PM

Swamy reiterates his earlier remarks that money was also paid to the media to manage the deal, before concluding his speech.

4 May 2016, 17:03 PM

Swamy agrees to authenticate the claims he has made, after concluding his speech.

4 May 2016, 17:02 PM

Meanwhile, ANI reports that former IAF chief SP Tyagi will join ED investigation in the AgustaWestland case. He will also be called in for questioning by the CBI again.

4 May 2016, 16:59 PM

Swamy says he simply quoted from the Italian court judgement, as uproar continues in the Rajya Sabha.

4 May 2016, 16:59 PM

Which was the authority above Mr Antony who overruled him? From my personal knowledge I will say it wasn't Dr Manmohan Singh (the then PM) - Swamy

4 May 2016, 16:58 PM

In September 2008, contract negotiations committee arbitrarily fixed Rs 4877.5 crores as the deal amount which was six times more the original estimate - Swamy

4 May 2016, 16:58 PM

The Air Force in January 2006 gave their benchmark estimate for this deal as Rs 793 crores. This was approved by Mr AK Antony, the then defence minister - Swamy

4 May 2016, 16:56 PM

Congress leaders say everything that Swamy has said should be authenticated.

4 May 2016, 16:54 PM

Swamy speaks about the 'AP' mentioned in the middleman's note, says 'you know who it refers to' hinting at Sonia Gandhi.

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