Asia Cup 2016, Match 5: Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka - As it happened...

By Jayanta Oinam | Last Updated: Sunday, February 28, 2016 - 23:23

Bangladesh displayed a professional performance to beat Sri Lanka by 23 runs.

28 February 2016, 22:36 PM

Over 20 || Score 124/8 (Kapugedera 12; Chameera 1)

Bangladesh won by 23 runs.

Al-Amin Hossain picked two wickets in the final over of the match as Bangladesh shock defending Asian champions Sri Lanka in front of a packed home crowd.

WICKET: Dasun Shanaka c Mushfiqur Rahim b Al-Amin Hossain 14 (14b)

WICKET: Nuwan Kulasekara c Soumya Sarkar b Al-Amin Hossain 0 (1b)

28 February 2016, 22:20 PM

Over 19 || Score 116/6 (Shanaka 14; Kapugedera 5); Target 148

Ever impressive Mustafizur Rahman finished his spell. He conceded five runs in the fourth over.

Sri Lanka need 32 runs from the last over.

28 February 2016, 22:17 PM

Over 18 || Score 111/6 (Shanaka 12; Kapugedera 2); Target 148

Sri Lanka have lost their last hope. Skipper Angelo Mathews felled victim to a brilliant catch by Shakib Al Hasan at cover, off the bowling of Al-Amin Hossain.

WICKET: Angelo Mathews c Shakib Al Hasan b Al-Amin Hossain 12 (20b)

Dasun Shanaka did hit a six of the third delivery, but it's too little too late for them.

28 February 2016, 22:11 PM

Over 17 || Score 102/5 (Mathews 12; Shanaka 5); Target 148

Boundaries have dried up and Sri Lanka are in deep trouble. They now need more than 15 runs an over to beat the so called 'minnnows'.

28 February 2016, 22:04 PM

Over 15 || Score 92/5 (Mathews 7; Shanaka 0); Target 148

Skipper Mashrafe Mortaza came into the party. He removed Milinda Siriwardana. Easy catch for Sabbir Rahman at deep mid-wicket.

WICKET: Milinda Siriwardana c Sabbir Rahman b Mashrafe Mortaza 3 (4b)

Dasun Shanaka is the new batsman. Lanka need 56 runs from 30 balls.

28 February 2016, 21:58 PM

Over 14 || Score 88/4 (Mathews 5; Siriwardana 1); Target 148

Mustafizur Rahman trapped Thisara Perera in the second delivery of his second over. Besides, he conceded only three runs.

WICKET: Thisara Perera lbw b Mustafizur Rahman 4 (6b)

Milinda Siriwardana is the new man.

28 February 2016, 21:48 PM

Over 12 || Score 79/3 (Mathews 1; Perera 1); Target 148

A good spell for hosts Bangldesh with back-to-back wicket taking overs. Mahmudullah's over was supplemented rather well by Shakib Al Hasan, outfoxing dangerous Shehan Jayasuriya.

Nurul Hasan completed a brilliant stumping.

WICKET: Shehan Jayasuriya st Nurul Hasan b Shakib Al Hasan 26 (21b)

Sri Lanka need 69 runs from 48 balls. Thisara Perera is the new man.

28 February 2016, 21:43 PM

Over 11 || Score 76/2 (Jayasuria 26; Mathews 0); Target 148

Mahmudullah got the better of Dinesh Chandimal. The Sri Lankan opener tried a six over the deep, but found a waiting Taskin Ahmed.

WICKET: Dinesh Chandimal c Taskin Ahmed b Mahmudullah 37 (37b)

Skipper Angelo Mathews is the new man.

28 February 2016, 21:37 PM

Over 10 || Score 66/1 (Chandimal 34; Jayasuria 19); Target 148

A quite little period of consolidation from either side. Sri Lanka have added 14 runs in the last three overs, without losing a wicket, to keep themselves a good sight of the target.

82 runs required from 60 balls.

But, Bangladeshis will also be happy with the ever increasing asking rate. But they need wickets.

28 February 2016, 21:20 PM

Over 7 || Score 52/1 (Chandimal 25; Jayasuria 14); Target 148

Busy over. Bangladesh skipper Mashrafe Mortaza finally brought himself into the attack, and soon found himself in a spot of bother with Dinesh Chandimal welcoming him with a four, through the backward point area.

It was followed by four singles.

Sri Lanka need 96 runs from 13 overs.

28 February 2016, 21:15 PM

Over 6 || Score 44/1 (Chandimal 19; Jayasuria 12); Target 148

Mustafizur Rahman started his spell, and what an eventful over it was. He tested Dinesh Chandimal to the fullest, creating two catching chances.

But the over went for 6 runs with Chandimal hitting the pace bowler for a four of the second delivery.

28 February 2016, 21:10 PM

Over 5 || Score 38/1 (Chandimal 14; Jayasuria 12); Target 148

A big over for Sri Lanka. 12 runs from it with Shehan Jayasuriya hitting a six of the second ball, then Dinesh Chandimal also hitting a four, of the fifth delivery. Al-Amin Hossain, with those 12 runs, has conceded 17 runs in his two overs' spell.

Sri Lanka now need 110 runs from 90 balls.

28 February 2016, 21:04 PM

Over 4 || Score 26/1 (Chandimal 9; Jayasuria 5); Target 148

What a catch at mid-on by Soumya Sarkar to give Sri Lanka first wicket. Shakib Al Hasan got a wicket his first over.

WICKET: Tilakratne Dilshan c Soumya Sarkar b Shakib Al Hasan 12 (9b)

After that wicket of the first over, new man Shehan Jayasuriya hit a four of the fourth delivery. six runs from the over.

28 February 2016, 20:59 PM

Over 3 || Score 20/0 (Chandimal 8; Dilshan 12); Target 148

Glimpses of old Tillakaratne Dilshan. The Sri Lankan opener hit two fours of Taskin Ahmed, first of the first delivery then the second one coming in the fourth ball. 11 runs.

28 February 2016, 20:55 PM

Over 2 || Score 9/0 (Chandimal 7; Dilshan 2); Target 148

Once again, another missed at the slip cordon. This time Tillakaratne Dilshan is the lucky one. Al-Amin Hossain will be disappointed.

Five runs from the over. Sri Lanka need 139 more runs.

28 February 2016, 20:49 PM

Over 1 || Score 4/0 (Chandimal 4; Dilshan 0); Target 148

Taskin Ahmed almost gave Bangladesh a similar start. But Dinesh Chandimal was dropped by Soumya Sarkar at second slip of the second ball of the innings.

But, nonetheless, Ahmed bowled a brilliant first over, with runs coming of the last ball -- a four, in the third man area. 

Tillakaratne Dilshan is the other opener for Sri Lanka.

28 February 2016, 20:34 PM

Over 20 || Score 147/7 (Mahmudullah 23)

Despite losing a wicket, Bangladeshis have sneaked in couple of useful runs. The over started with a single, then the wicket of Nurul Hasan.

WICKET: Nurul Hasan c Angelo Mathews b Dushmantha Chameera 2 (5b)

After lots of runing, the over and innings ended with a two, and run out. Eight runs and two wickets.

WICKET: Mashrafe Mortaza run out 2 (2b)

28 February 2016, 20:24 PM

Over 19 || Score 139/5 (Mahmudullah 19; Hasan 2)

Nuwan Kulasekara also finished his spell of four overs, conceding 44 runs a picking a wicket. He started the over conceding single, but the next ball, he was carted for a four through the mid-wicket area by Mahmudullah. Then some sloppy fielding from Sri Lankans, even after minutes setting the field, turned a single into a double.

It was followed by a huge six, straight over the bowler. Mahmudullah can strike. After a single, he retained the straight, understandably. 14 runs from it.

28 February 2016, 20:18 PM

Over 18 || Score 125/5 (Mahmudullah 6; Hasan 1)

Good over for Sri Lanka. Dushmantha Chameera started the over conceding a four, but the very next delivery he removed Shakib AL Hasan, caught behind.

WICKET: Shakib Al Hasan c Dinesh Chandimal b Dushmantha Chameera 32 (34b)

Six runs and a wicket. Nurul Hasan is the new man.

28 February 2016, 20:13 PM

Over 17 || Score 119/4 (Al Hasan 28; Mahmudullah 5)

After Sabbir Rahman's departure, Shakib Al Hasan started opening. He hit the first ball of the 17th over, bowled by Nuwan Kulasekara, for a four. Then, new man Mahmudullah also joined the party by hitting the penultimate delivery for another four.  11 runs from the over.

28 February 2016, 20:11 PM

Over 16 || Score 108/4 (Al Hasan 22; Mahmudullah 0)

Sabbir Rahman's brilliant innings came to end. After hitting a six in the previous ball, he went for another but ended up finding Shehan Jayasuriya at deep mid-wicket. Dushmantha Chameera awarded.

WICKET: Sabbir Rahman c Shehan Jayasuriya b Dushmantha Chameera 80 (54b)

Mahmudullah is the new man.

28 February 2016, 20:07 PM

Over 15 || Score 97/3 (Rahman 73; Al Hasan 20)

Rangana Herath finished his spell of four overs, conceding a total of 24 runs.

His fourth and last over started with a single off Shakib Al Hasan's blade, then after a couple of singles in between the overs. Sabbir Rahman played a sumptuous straight drive to make it a 7-run over.

28 February 2016, 19:57 PM

Over 14 || Score 90/3 (Rahman 68; Al Hasan 18)

Not so busy over with Sabbir Rahman going for every ball. he did started with a four, which he smashed through the covers like a man possessed. Then, he played some clueless shots, swinging, heaving.

Dushmantha Chameera conceded six runs.

28 February 2016, 19:53 PM

Over 13 || Score 84/3 (Rahman 63; Al Hasan 17)

Huge over for Bangladesh. Sabbir Rahman hit a six and a couple of fours of successive Shehan Jayasuriya deliveries to make it a 17-run over.

With the six, of the first delivery of the 13th over, Rahman also reached his fifty. He and Shakib Al Hasan established a 58-run partnership of 8.1 overs.

28 February 2016, 19:48 PM

Over 12 || Score 67/3 (Rahman 46; Al Hasan 17)

Sri Lanka are rushing through the overs. In the last three overs, they conceded 14 runs. And for Bangladesh, the last boundary came in the penultimate ball of the 8th over.

In between, Sabbir Rahman and Shakib Al Hasan have steadily built a partnership of 41.

28 February 2016, 19:39 PM

Over 9 || Score 53/3 (Rahman 39; Al Hasan 10)

12 runs from the last three runs as Sri Lankan slow bowlers managed to tighten the noose against the hosts. Operating in tandem are Shehan Jayasuriya and Rangana Herath.

But Shakib Al Hasan played a delectable cut shot of the penultimate delivery of the 8th over, bowled by Herath.

28 February 2016, 19:28 PM

Over 6 || Score 41/3 (Rahman 35; Al Hasan 2)

Fearless Sabbir Rahman continued to play his usual game. He treated rather rudely the new bowler Thisara Perera. Some hits.

The 24-year-old right-handed batsman hit three back-to-back fours to make it a 14-run over.

28 February 2016, 19:23 PM

Over 5 || Score 27/3 (Rahman 21; Al Hasan 1)

What a pity. After that huge over, Bangladesh lost an important wicket in Mushfiqur Rahim. Huge mixed-up. Run out.

WICKET: Mushfiqur Rahim run out 4 (9b)

Three runs from the over. Shakib Al Hasan in the new man.

28 February 2016, 19:18 PM

Over 4 || Score 24/2 (Rahman 21; Rahim 3)

Sabbir Rahman has taken the initiative. A flurry of strokes. And 18 runs from the over. He started with a four, then six, and a couple more fours. Nuwan Kulasekara suddenly looked like a pedestrian bowler.

In the previous over, Mushfiqur Rahim was close to being another wicket. Mushfiqur Rahim played a cover drive, and the ball stayed afloat for some time with a fielder at point area just missing it. Four runs from that over.

28 February 2016, 19:11 PM

Over 2 || Score 2/2 (Rahman 1; Rahim 0)

Nuwan Kulasekara shared the new ball with Angelo Mathews. First delivery went for a single, off Sabbir Rahman's blade. After a dot ball, Soumya Sarkar played a ludicrous shot, lofting without control. And it ended with an easy catch by Angelo Mathews at mid-off.

WICKET: Soumya Sarkar c Angelo Mathews b Nuwan Kulasekara 0 (3b)

Mushfiqur Rahim is the new man.

28 February 2016, 19:03 PM

Over 1 || Score 1/1 (Sarkar 0; Rahman 1)

In absence of charismatic Lasith Malinga, his deputy Angelo Mathews have taken the responsibility of bowling the first over onto himself. Mohammad Mithun let go the widish medium pace delivery.

Then, the skipper struck. Brilliant start. First delivery was moving away, then he brought it back for the second ball, which trapped Mohammad Mithun in front.

WICKET: Mohammad Mithun lbw b Angelo Mathews 0 (2b)

Sabbir Rahman is the new man.

28 February 2016, 18:43 PM

Malinga was limping badly after guiding Sri Lanka to a comfortable win over United Arab Emirates. Here's what he said on Friday, post match:

28 February 2016, 18:41 PM

Sri Lanka XI: Tillakaratne Dilshan, Shehan Jayasuriya, Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Angelo Mathews (capt.), Milinda Siriwardana, Chamara Kapugedera, Dasun Shanaka, Nuwan Kulasekara, Thisara Perera, Rangana Herath, Dushmantha Chameera

28 February 2016, 18:31 PM

Here's the Bangladesh XI: Bangladesh: Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mashrafe Mortaza (capt.), Imrul Kayes, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Mithun, Sabbir Rahman, Shakib Al Hasan, Mahmudullah, Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman, Nasir Hossain, Arafat Sunny, Nurul Hasan, Abu Hider

28 February 2016, 18:29 PM

Toss: Bangladesh won the toss and they will bat first. And they are playing the same XI.

28 February 2016, 18:28 PM

Breaking news: Lasith Malinga is not playing. Angelo Mathews will lead Sri Lanka.

28 February 2016, 17:56 PM

Likely XIs:

Bangladesh: Nurul Hasan, Soumya Sarkar, Sabbir Rahman, Mohammad Mithun, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk), Mashrafe Mortaza (capt.), Taskin Ahmed, Al-Amin Hossain, Mustafizur Rahman

Sri Lanka: Shehan Jayasuriya, Tillakaratne Dilshan, Dinesh Chandimal (wk), Angelo Mathews, Milinda Siriwardana, Chamara Kapugedera, Dasun Shanaka, Nuwan Kulasekara, Rangana Herath, Lasith Malinga (capt.), Dushmantha Chameera

28 February 2016, 17:22 PM


It will be a battle between the pace attacks of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as the two teams square off in a crucial round robin league match of the Asia Cup T20 today. The match assumes significance as the winner will take a giant step towards qualifying for the summit clash of the tournament.

It will be a battle of bowlers with Sri Lanka being led by their dashing captain Lasith Malinga, who rocked the opposition with a four-wicket haul. Mustafizur Rahaman had an off day against India, but against UAE, he showed why he is rated so highly as he was on the verge of a hat-trick. Even UAE captain Amjad Javed conceded that it was not easy to read Mustafizur's slow off-cutters.

For Bangladesh, a victory is a must as they have already played two matches winning one and losing against India in the opener.

Both the teams beat minnows United Arab Emirates in their opening games. Sri Lanka did not need much effort even though the margin of their victory was 14 runs while Bangladesh were more convincing in their 51-run win.

But both teams had poor outing as far as their batsmen are concerned. Sri Lanka managed 129 against an inexperienced UAE attack while Bangladesh were no better in their 133-run effort yesterday.

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