India vs Aus, 5th ODI: As it happened...

Live updates from 5th ODI between India and Australia being played at Sydney Cricket Ground.

By Rajdeep Saha | Last Updated: Saturday, January 23, 2016 - 17:34

Sydney: 5th ODI between India and Australia being played at Sydney Cricket Ground.

India won the toss and put Australia into bat.

Aussies post a mammoth 330/7 as David Warner and Mitchell Marsh hit tons. Debutant Bumrah picks two wickets for India.

In their chase India got off to a good start by Shikhar Dhawan (78) and Rohit Sharma (99). Manish Pandey (104) and MS Dhoni (34) guided the side to a famous four-wicket win. Australia pocket the series 4-1.

23 January 2016, 16:34 PM

Over 50 | Score 331/4 | (Pandey 104, Mann 0)

A wide by Marsh to start with. 12 needed from six. Dhoni answers with a six. What a shot in this pressure situation. Dhoni holds out to Warner and the match is in balance still. Well made 34 by the skipper. A four sees Pandey strike his maiden ODI ton. What an innings! Two runs next sees India win.

MS Dhoni c Warner b MR Marsh 34 (42b)

23 January 2016, 16:30 PM

Over 49 | Score 318/3 | (Pandey 98, Dhoni 28)

Dhoni scores a quick single before Pandey goes big and only manages to get a single. Clever slower ones from Faulkner. Another brace taken, good running from the duo. A leg-bye comes next as Faulkner is rolling some nice slower ones from his fingers. Pandey gets a brace as Aussies field well to release the ball quickly. Another brace takes him to 98 runs. 13 needed from last over. 

23 January 2016, 16:26 PM

Over 48 | Score 308/3 | (Pandey 93, Dhoni 25)

Pandey gets a much needed boundary after a single from the first ball. Pandey gets into the 90's, A single comes next, India need some Dhoni magic here now. They run superbly to get a brace. Dhoni powers through mid-off and gets a four. That was a sheer powerful shot. A single comes from the last ball. 

23 January 2016, 16:22 PM

Over 47 | Score 296/3 | (Pandey 84, Dhoni 21)

Five runs come from the first three balls and what Aussies have done well here is drying up the boundaries. 3 dot balls follow next, this is good stuff from Faulkner. 

23 January 2016, 16:12 PM

Over 46 | Score 291/3 | (Pandey 84, Dhoni 17)

Three singles from the first three balls before Pandey gets a top edge and Bailey dives but misses. Dhoni follows it up a single. Six runs come from the over. Required run-rate rises above nine runs. Aussies are bowling superbly here and Marsh gets a dot before Dhoni gets a desperate shot that falls just short off Faulkner.  Pandey hits a nice shot and Smith pulls off a glaring save off the boundary. Another dot ball follows and India's asking rate increases. A wide next allows a free run. Marsh fields well to get a dot ball again. Two come from the last ball. 

23 January 2016, 16:04 PM

Over 44 | Score 279/3 | (Pandey 77, Dhoni 14)

Six runs come from Lyon's over. Good bowling in these circumstances. Boland bowls and India manage to keep the scorecard ticking as no boundaries are being hit though. Aussies will be happy to up the run-rate required for India. 

23 January 2016, 15:58 PM

Over 42 | Score 266/3 | (Pandey 70, Dhoni 8)

Dhoni goes for a swing and Lyon drops him. A straight catch dropped by Lyon here. Pandey hits in the gap for a brace. He is key here for India's chances. Young Pandey makes room and gets the ball past the fence for a four. Superb shot here and Boland sees a brace taken off the next ball. 

23 January 2016, 15:53 PM

Over 41 | Score 257/3 | (Pandey 62, Dhoni 7)

Hastings bowls his last over and Pandey gets a vital four runs. Boland then comes and ties up Dhoni as only two runs come from it. Dhoni is eating a lot of balls here as Lyon too comes in and restricts Dhoni. A ball down the leg side and India get a wide. Pandey sweeps and misses. 

23 January 2016, 15:40 PM

Over 38 | Score 246/3 | (Pandey 55, Dhoni 4)

Three runs come from Mitchell Marsh's over as Dhoni, Pandey look to get singles. Pandey then scores brace of two successive balls and his fifty too comes up. He gets another couple after placing a short ball towards midwicket region. Eight come from Hasting's over. Boland comes to bowl and after a dot, India pick three singles. Dhoni will need to be calm here and with his pedigree, India can win it. Four runs come from that Boland over. 

23 January 2016, 15:27 PM

Over 35 | Score 231/3 | (Pandey 45, Dhoni 0)

Oops a daisy! Everything is happening here. First Sharma offers a catch which Shaun Marsh drops. He then hits a four and a brace to get to 99 and nicks a Hastings ball to Wade. Dhoni comes and survives a LBW appeal. 

Rohit c Wade b Hastings 99 (108)

23 January 2016, 15:06 PM

Over 31 | Score 204/2 | (Rohit 81, Pandey 35)

Faulkner bowls a supreme over keeping it tight and straight, which sees him give away just two singles. Smith replaces Lyon to bowl and his plan doesn't work as Pandey rocks back to hit a four through the square-leg boundary. Eight runs are conceded before Pandey gets a brace to bring the 50-run partnership. Sharma then smashes him for a four as India find momentum in the last two overs. Pandey eases through the backward square leg boundary off Smith and then Rohit gets on the act as well. 12 runs and India's 200 runs too come up. 

23 January 2016, 14:51 PM

Over 27 | Score 172/2 | (Rohit 67, Pandey 17)

Lyon comes back and in the fourth ball Pander sweeps him for a four. Boland then rolls out an excellent over bowling some back of a length balls and keeping it tight. Lyon continues and Sharma gets a single before Pandey makes room and places the ball for four. A single follows before Marsh dives to save a brace from the boundary ropes. 10 comes from the over. 

23 January 2016, 14:42 PM

Over 24 | Score 154/2 | (Rohit 61, Pandey 3)

After three dots, Rohit gets a three that also saw some very good fielding by Shaun Marsh. A single then sees him get to his 50. Hastings has been the best bowler of the match so far and he bowls a good over that also sees Rohit playing through the slips as the ball hits Smith's fingers and run to the boundary. Boland comes in and Sharma smashes a six. India well ahead here but need to keep their cool and not lose any more wickets. 

23 January 2016, 14:30 PM

Over 21 | Score 134/2 | (Rohit 46, Pandey 0)

Kohli hits a four off Marsh with a sublime cover drive. He then plays another drive for a brace. Next over sees Hastings get his 2nd wicket as Kohli nicks a ball to Wade. Nicely planned by Australia here, Smith is delighted. Blow for India here and Pandey comes into bat. Wicket-maiden for Hastings.

V Kohli c Wade b Hastings 8 (11b)

23 January 2016, 14:10 PM

Over 19 | Score 127/1 | (Rohit 46, Kohli 1)

Lyon continues and he needs to get a wicket. After four good balls, Dhawan finds the gap and steers it for a four through point. Dhawan then continues his brilliance and comes forward and places it over short third man for a four.  Rohit then picks a brace. India moving along nicely at the moment. Hastings is brought back and he bowls a loose ball which Dhawan dictates with ease. He then makes room and slashes hard before Shaun Marsh takes a blinder at the boundary. India lose their first wicket. Kohli comes to bat, he now needs to build a platform with Rohit. Kohli hits a ball through to 3rd man and the ball hits the spider-cam and is signalled a dead ball. Two wides follow before Kohli gets off the mark.

S Dhawan c SE Marsh b Hastings 78 (65)

23 January 2016, 14:00 PM

Over 16 | Score 105/0 | (Dhawan 63, Rohit 42)

Dhawan gets a single before Rohit is watchful in the next three balls off Faulkner. Then a VVS Laxman type shot past midwicket sees Rohit get a boundary. Last ball is defended again. Lyon continues and Dhawan gets a single with a sweep. A lovely chip over midwicket sees Rohit pick a single, two more comes from the over. Nice comeback from Lyon here. Faulkner continues and Sharma drives to the off side for a single. Two more follow and 100 comes up for India. Interestingly, Aussies haven't conceded a single extra. Dhawan heaves for two runs as the scorecard ticks along. A loose ball sees Rohit cut and Marsh dives to save a boundary. 

23 January 2016, 13:53 PM

Over 13 | Score 88/0 | (Dhawan 56, Rohit 32)

Faulkner goes slightly full and Rohit seizes the opportunity to drive the ball for a four. One more run comes from it. Lyon is introduced and some spin will be seen. Dhawan gets on one knee and sweeps it for a six in the third ball. Dhawan gets to his fifty. A clever mind sees him picking a single next. 10 runs come from that over. 

23 January 2016, 13:43 PM

Over 11 | Score 73/0 | (Dhawan 49, Rohit 24)

Mitchell Marsh is brought in and that doesn't work as Dhawan slams one for a huge six as the ball was pitched full on leg and middle. Another fabulous shot sees a drive through mid-off for four. James Faulkner comes in to bowl and produces a tight over getting it to pitch at middle and offering no room. Marsh continues and three singles are taken before Dhawan's mistimed shot sees the ball hit straight to the fielder. Another two runs follow. 

23 January 2016, 13:31 PM

Over 8 | Score 52/0 | (Dhawan 35, Rohit 17)

Boland continues and Dhawan clips wide of mid-on to pick a brace. Four runs come from that over. Indian get a move on next over as Rohit smashes a lovely square drive past point off Hastings. Dhawan picks a brace after hitting through midwicket. Dhawan then cuts past point boundary in the next over as Boland concedes eight. Next over sees Hastings get punished as Dhawan gets a six and a four. Boland bowls poorly in the leg side and it is easy back to back pickings for Rohit who flicks through midwicket for four. Dhawan then hits a lofted shot past square leg for a four. Big over that! 50 up for India.

23 January 2016, 13:15 PM

Over 3 | Score 8/0 | (Dhawan 6, Rohit 2)

Hastings starts off with the proceedings and bowls a good length and line. Smith will be happy with the start. Boland comes in to bowl and gives no width at all as Indian duo are watchful at the moment. Another good over by Hastings, there was a close call of a run-out and Dhawan survives. No loose balls yet in these three overs.