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2nd ODI: India vs Australia - As it happened...

By Suyash Srivastava | Last Updated: Friday, January 15, 2016 - 16:24
Zee Media Bureau

Brisbane: Rohit Sharma's successive ton on Australian soil went in vain as the hosts pulled off a record 309-run chase in 2nd ODI at the Brisbane Cricket Ground in Woolloongabba.

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16:24 PM

Over 49 | Score 309/3 | (Bailey 76*, Maxwell 26*)

Yadav to bowl his final over, 10 needed from 12. Bailey took a single off the first ball. Maxwell drilled the next ball straight down the ground for a couple, as a result of some brilliant fielding from Kohli, who restricted it to just two. Maxwell tonked the next ball over covers for another couple of runs. 5 needed to win, will Maxwell finish it off with a Six? He tries to pull the next ball, doesn't connect, dot ball. Yadav bowled a short delivery and Maxwell launched over midwicket for a boundary. One needed. Maxwell pushed the next ball towards third man for the winning runs!

16:19 PM

Over 48 | Score 299/3 | (Bailey 75*, Maxwell 17*)

Sran to bowl his ninth over, Australia need 14 from 18. Maxwell worked the first ball towards square leg for a single. Bailey pushed the second ball towards third man for another single. Maxwell got an edge off the third ball which went towards short third man for another single. Bailey pulled the next ball for another single. Next ball was a short of a length delivery which bounced, much to the surprise of Maxwell, who couldn't connect it with the bat. Last ball was a slower ball, Maxwell got some part of his bat on it but it went straight to Dhoni depriving him off a single. Four from the over.

16:14 PM

Over 47 | Score 284/3 | (Bailey 73*, Maxwell 15*)

Ishant to bowl his final over. Maxwell took a single off the first ball. Bailey followed it with another single. Third ball was a wide down the leg side. Third ball was a length delivery, Bailey went after it and cleared wide of long on for a one-bounce boundary. Bailey made room for himself off the next ball by moving down the leg side, mistimed it over point and the ball fell inches short of Jadeja running behind from point. Bailey worked the fifth ball towards long-on for a single. Easy pickings for Bailey. Another wide from Ishant. Maxwell took a single off the last ball to keep strike.

16:10 PM

Over 46 | Score 284/3 | (Bailey 66*, Maxwell 13*)

Jadeja to bowl his final over, 31 needed from 30. Six from the over.

16:07 PM

Over 45 | Score 278/3 | (Bailey 64*, Maxwell 11*)

Ishant to bowl his ninth over, 38 needed from 36. Seven from the over.

16:04 PM

Over 44 | Score 271/3 | (Bailey 60*, Maxwell 8*)

Sran is back for his eighth over. He started with a slower ball, Bailey picked it early and hammered it over long-off for a Six! Fifth ball was short and wide and Bailey cut it over point for another boundary. 13 from the over.

16:03 PM

Over 43 | Score 258/3 | (Bailey 48*, Maxwell 7*)

Yadav to bowl his penultimate over. Bailey got an edge off the fifth ball which went past Dhoni for a boundary.

16:01 PM

Over 42 | Score 248/3 | (Bailey 42*, Maxwell 3*)

Jadeja to bowl his eighth over. Four from it.

15:49 PM

Over 41 | Score 244/3 | (Bailey 41*, Maxwell 0*)

Yadav brought back to bowl his eighth over, Australia need 70 from 60 balls. He bowled a quick delivery to Smith, who had exposed his stumps to the pacer, the danger man has been bowled! Big breakthrough for India. Also end the 78-run partnership. Glenn Maxwell is the new man in. India need more wickets.

SPD Smith b Yadav 46 (47b)

15:42 PM

Over 40 | Score 239/2 | (Smith 45*, Bailey 37*)

Ishant is back as India need to dismiss one of these two. Bailey got an inside edge off the first ball which went over the stumps for a boundary. Fourth ball was short to Smith, who tonked it past the bowler, who missed out on a tough caught and bowled chance.

First Published: Friday, January 15, 2016 - 16:28
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