India vs Australia: 2nd T20I - As it happened...

Welcome to the live coverage of the 2nd Twenty20 match between India and Australia being held at the MCG. 

By Rajdeep Saha | Last Updated: Friday, January 29, 2016 - 18:16

New Delhi: Welcome to the live coverage of the 2nd Twenty20 match between India and Australia being held at the MCG. 

India complete the series victory in an emphatic manner. Australia were cruising at 97/1 before India hit back with their spinners.

Aaron Finch who pulled his hamstring top scored with 74 runs. 


29 January 2016, 17:29 PM

Over 20 | Score 157/8 | (Wade 16*, Tye 4*)

Bumrah starts with a perfect yorker and Wade gets a single. He then bowls full and straight to castle Hastings. Tye comes in and Bumrah bowls a dot before the batsman smashes him for a four. Another full ball sees him get a dot. He cleans him up in the last ball.

Tye b Bumrah (4)

JW Hastings b Bumrah 4 (6b)

29 January 2016, 17:21 PM

Over 19 | Score 151/6 | (Wade 15*, Hastings 4)

Wade launches the ball in the stands off Ashwin. A nice comeback sees two dots follow. Hastings drives Nehra to long-on for one. Experience shows as Nehra bowls low and full. Two more singles are taken, Aussies need sixes here. Hastings chips it on the leg side for a single. Six singles from that over.

29 January 2016, 17:15 PM

Over 17 | Score 137/6 | (Wade 5*)

Jadeja comes to bowl and after 3 singles, Faulkner launches the ball for a huge six. An inside edge sees him get a brace. Big over for the Aussies here. Faulkner goes for another heave and the ball hits his bat into Dhoni's pads and cracks the stumps. Dhoni appeals and his foot is outside the line. 

JP Faulkner st Dhoni b Jadeja 10 (7b)


29 January 2016, 17:10 PM

Over 16 | Score 126/5 | (Wade 3*, Faulkner 1*)

Finch runs a risky single and is hamstring issues is back as he is run out for 74. Ashwin concedes just two from the over. 

AJ Finch run out 74 (48b)


29 January 2016, 17:09 PM

Over 15 | Score 124/4 | (Finch 74*, Wade 2*)

Jadeja comes to bowl and Watson gets two runs as Umesh fields exceptionally well in the deep to save a four. Next ball Watson hits straight to Jadeja who pulls off an excellent catch. Wade comes in as three singles follow. Aussies need 61 runs in last five overs.

SR Watson c & b Jadeja 15 (11b)


29 January 2016, 17:01 PM

Over 14 | Score 119/3 | (Finch 73*, Watson 13*)

Yuvi continues and Finch doesn't get a run. Next ball is a single before Ashwin dives well to restrict any run. Another dot follows as Watson drills it back to Yuvi. Three runs come from the last two deliveries.

29 January 2016, 16:58 PM

Over 13 | Score 115/3 | (Finch 70*, Watson 12*)

Pandya continues and Watson gets a regulation edge for four. Another boundary comes next as Watson steers it between the short third man and backward point. Two runs come from the last ball.

29 January 2016, 16:55 PM

Over 12 | Score 102/3 | (Finch 69*, Watson 1*)

Yuvraj gets the ball and what an over. Just three runs and a wicket from it. Maxwell goes for a big shot and Dhoni gets a quick stumping done.

GJ Maxwell st Dhoni b Yuvraj Singh 1 (2b)

29 January 2016, 16:47 PM

Over 11 | Score 99/2 | (Finch 68*, Maxwell 0*)

Pandya comes to bowl and Finch tucks to short fine leg for two runs. A run and a dot follows before Lynn departs. Dhoni goes back and takes the catch. 

CA Lynn c Dhoni b Pandya 2 (4b)

29 January 2016, 16:40 PM

Over 10 | Score 95/1 | (Finch 65*, Chris Lynn 1*)

Marsh rotates the strike again as Ashwin gets a dot in the next ball. Finch hits it over the leg side and substitute fielder Rishi Dhawan misses a tough catch. Next ball is a sitter and now Dhawan drops it. A wide follows next. Next ball Marsh decides to go big and Pandya completes a catch. What an over this! Chris Lynn comes to bat and gets off the mark.

SE Marsh c Pandya b Ashwin 23 (23b)

29 January 2016, 16:37 PM

Over 9 | Score 89/0 | (Finch 62*, Marsh 22*)

Flat delivery by Jadeja sees Marsh hit through long-on for one. Finch then belts a ball for a six as Umesh Yadav tries to get hold off it but the shot was firm. Marsh is the perfect foil here getting important singles and allowing Finch to hit the biggies. 11 come from that Jadeja over.

29 January 2016, 16:34 PM

Over 8 | Score 78/0 | (Finch 54*, Marsh 19*)

10 runs come from Ashwin's first over as Finch welcomed him with a six. He also got to his fifty in the process.

29 January 2016, 16:30 PM

Over 7 | Score 67/0 | (Finch 46*, Marsh 17*)

Finch looks in good touch here and picks a brace off Jadeja. Marsh then goes for a swing and Dhoni misses a stumping chance. Finch  completes the over with a single. 

29 January 2016, 16:26 PM

Over 6 | Score 62/0 | (Finch 43*, Marsh 16*)

Bumrah continues and Marsh gives him the treatment with a shot for four. Finch then chips over mid-on for four​. This is excellent batting by the hosts. A dot ball follows next before Finch gets another boundary. A single to end the over.

29 January 2016, 16:21 PM

Over 5 | Score 48/0 | (Finch 34*, Marsh 11*)

Dhoni shows his faith in Nehra and he starts off with a dot. A straight ball sees him get a brace next. Two singles follow after that. India need a wicket here as Aussies are chasing well. Finch cuts off his leg to get another two. He is playing the shots very late which is a positive. Next ball is cut through point region for four. 

29 January 2016, 16:18 PM

Over 4 | Score 38/0 | (Finch 26*, Marsh 10*)

Bumrah continues and Finch gets a top edge for four. Four singles come apart from that boundary. Aussies off to a flier here.

29 January 2016, 16:15 PM

Over 3 | Score 30/0 | (Finch 20*, Marsh 9*)

Nehra gets the perfect punishment and his short balls are whacked for two fours and a three. Fich with the boundaries there. 16 runs come from the over as Finch gets a four off the last ball.

29 January 2016, 16:06 PM

Over 2 | Score 14/0 | (Finch 7*, Marsh 6*)

Nehra starts off with the proceedings and gives away just four runs in the over. Bumrah shares the new ball with Nehra and Shaun Marsh rocks past midwicket for four. Two dots follow before Marsh hits an excellent shot but Kohli is better who dives to stop a genuine four. Bumrah then gets driven for four by Finch. 

29 January 2016, 15:36 PM

Aussies need 185 to win.

Over 20 | Score 184/2 | (Kohli 59*, Raina 0*)

Kohli gets a yorker carved out past extra cover for four. It brings up his 50. Tye then bowls a good ball as Dhoni who tries to get a big shot holds out on long-off and is caught. Raina comes to bat and the duo run a close two but Maxwell's throw comes at an uneven height and Tye misses it. A single comes off the last ball.

MS Dhoni c Watson b Tye 14 (9b)

29 January 2016, 15:30 PM

Over 19 | Score 174/2 | (Kohli 49*, Dhoni 14*)

Dhoni goes for the ball and misses, it was pretty wide. Next ball is powerfully carved straight for a four as Faulkner watches. A run comes next for Dhoni. Kohli lifts þhe ball towards off side and the ball falls short of the fielder. Another wide ball and Dhoni connects for a single. Good over by Faulkner here just eight runs come from it.