India vs Sri Lanka, 1st T20I: As it happened...

By Chaitan Papnai | Last Updated: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 22:56

Welcome to our LIVE UPDATES of the first T20I between India and Sri Lanka from Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune. 

First, debutant Kasun Rajitha and Shanaka created havoc in the Indian batting line-up to skittle India to 101 and then skipper Chandimal (35) and Kapugedera (25) made sure that his side chase the total successfully. Now visitors are one-up in the three-match T20 series.   



9 February 2016, 22:28 PM

Over 18 | Score 105/5 (Prasanna 3*, Siriwardana 21*)

Bumrah is back to bowl his last over. Siriwardana pulled the bowler for a six off the fifth ball. And then hit the winning runs off the last ball as Sri Lanka beat India by five wickets with 12 balls to spare. 

9 February 2016, 22:24 PM

Over 17 | Score 92/5 (Prasanna 1*, Siriwardana 9*)

Ashwin to bowl his 3rd over. Shanaka Out! Raina took a blinder at square leg as Ashwin picked up his 2nd wicket of the match. Now visitors need 10 runs from 18 balls. 

MD Shanaka c Raina b Ashwin 3 (8b)

9 February 2016, 22:19 PM

Over 16 | Score 90/4 (Shanaka 3*, Siriwardana 9*)

Pandya has been reintroduced into the attack. And he leaked six runs. SL need 12 runs from 24 balls.

9 February 2016, 22:15 PM

Over 15 | Score 84/4 (Shanaka 0*, Siriwardana 9*)

Raina with his 2nd over. Chandimal hit the part-timer offie for a six over long off. Chandimal Out! Trapped in front as Sri Lanka need 18 runs with 6 wickets and 30 balls remaining.

LD Chandimal lbw b Raina 35 (35b)

9 February 2016, 22:09 PM

Over 14 | Score 76/3 (Chandimal 27*, Siriwardana 9*)

Raina and Ashwin are bowling in tandem. 12 runs have come in the last two overs. The only way for India to win this match is to bowl Lanka out. 

9 February 2016, 22:04 PM

Over 12 | Score 64/3 (Chandimal 23*, Siriwardana 1*)

Ashwin has been introduced into the attack. Kapugedera Out! He trapped the right-hander in front of the wicket. Can the offie turn the match in India's favour?

CK Kapugedera lbw b Ashwin 25 (26b)

9 February 2016, 21:59 PM

Over 11 | Score 60/2 (Kapugedera 23*, Chandimal 22*)

Kapugedera has started hitting Indian bowlers for boundaries and sixes. This time too, he first collected a boundary and then launched the bowler for the six. Expensive over, 12 came off it.

9 February 2016, 21:56 PM

Over 10 | Score 48/2 (Kapugedera 18*, Chandimal 15*)

Pandya with his 2nd over. Off the the last two balls, came two boundaries. Poor over for India as the medium pacer gave nine runs in it.

9 February 2016, 21:50 PM

Over 9 | Score 39/2 (Kapugedera 10*, Chandimal 14*)

Jadeja to continue. Quick over by the left-arm spinner. Three from the over. 

9 February 2016, 21:49 PM

Over 8 | Score 36/2 (Kapugedera 8*, Chandimal 13*)

Double bowling change. Hardik Pandya to bowl the over. Kapugedera slapped him for a boundary off the 4th ball. That was the only loose ball from the  bowler. Five from the over.   

9 February 2016, 21:45 PM

Over 7 | Score 31/2 (Kapugedera 4*, Chandimal 12*)

First bowling change! Ravindra Jadeja introduced into the attack. Tight over first up by the spinner as he gave mere three in it. India need wickets here. 

9 February 2016, 21:42 PM

Over 6 | Score 28/2 (Kapugedera 3*, Chandimal 10*)

Gunathilaka Out! In trying to pull Nehra towards mid-wicket the southpaw gave a catch to Dhawan. Kapugedera is the new man in. Seven runs came from the last two overs. 

MD Gunathilaka c Dhawan b Nehra 9 (18b)

9 February 2016, 21:31 PM

Over 4 | Score 21/1 (Gunathilaka 7*, Chandimal 8*)

India have to bowl Sri Lanka out in this match, and that's the only way to win the opening game. Three from the over.

9 February 2016, 21:27 PM

Over 3 | Score 17/1 (Gunathilaka 7*, Chandimal 5*)

Nehra to continue. Off the 4th ball, Gunathilaka pulled the pacer towards mid-wicket for a six. Seven from the over. 

9 February 2016, 21:24 PM

Over 2 | Score 10/1 (Gunathilaka 0*, Chandimal 4*)

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the over. Impressive over first up by the the pacer as he started off with a maiden.

9 February 2016, 21:19 PM

Over 1 | Score 10/1 (Gunathilaka 0*, Chandimal 4*)

Ashish Nehra to bowl the first over. Niroshan Dickwella and Danushka Gunathilaka have come to open the innings for Sri Lanka. Dickwella Out! After hitting the bowler for a boundary, the southpaw miss-timed his pull to give a simple catch to Dhawan, inside the circle. Ten runs from the over.

N Dickwella c Dhawan b Nehra 4 (3b)   

9 February 2016, 20:58 PM

Over 18.5 | Score 101/10 ( Ashwin 31*)

Chameera to bowl the penultimate over the innings. Nehra Out! Trying to hit the bowler out of the park, Nehra ended up giving a high catch to Siriwardana. Bumra run out, and with that India put up a paltry total of 101 in front of Sri Lanka.  

JJ Bumrah run out 0 (0b)

A Nehra c Siriwardana b Chameera 6 (19b)

9 February 2016, 20:53 PM

Over 18 | Score 97/8 ( Ashwin 29*, Nehra 6*)

Leg spinner Prasanna to continue. Ashwin hit his 5th boundary off the 2nd last ball, towards short third man. Seven runs came from the over. Now India need mere 3 more runs to touch the three-figure mark.

9 February 2016, 20:49 PM

Over 17 | Score 90/8 ( Ashwin 24*, Nehra 5*)

Rajitha, who created havoc in the Indian batting line up, is back in action. Now the onus is on Ashwin to take India's total past 100 runs. Ashwin played an upper cut off the last ball to collect a boundary.

9 February 2016, 20:45 PM

Over 16 | Score 84/8 ( Ashwin 19*, Nehra 4*)

Leggie Seekkuge Prasanna set to bowl his first over. Now Nehra and Ashwin should try and play the complete quota of their 20 overs. Four from the over. 

9 February 2016, 20:43 PM

Over 15 | Score 80/8 ( Ashwin 17*, Nehra 2*)

Thisara Perera back into the attack. Tight over by the seamer, two from it.

9 February 2016, 20:37 PM

Over 14 | Score 78/7 ( Ashwin 16*, Nehra 1*)

Jadeja Out! Off spinner Senanayake picked up his first wicket as Jadeja was trapped in front of the wicket. Now the question is, can India cross the 100-run mark in this match? Ashwin collected his 3rd boundary towards fine third man area. Six from the over. 

RA Jadeja lbw b Senanayake 6 (9b)

9 February 2016, 20:33 PM

Over 13 | Score 72/7 ( Jadeja 6*, Ashwin 11)

Shanaka with his 3rd over. Ashwin hit the first towards mid-wicket for a four. Decent over for India as 8 runs came off it.

9 February 2016, 20:30 PM

Over 12 | Score 64/7 ( Jadeja 4*, Ashwin 5*)

Ashwin is the new man in. This over was bowled by Chameera and the seamer conceded six runs.

9 February 2016, 20:25 PM

Over 11 | Score 58/7 ( Jadeja 3*)

Dasun Shanaka with his 2nd over. Pandya Out! The big hitter disappointed today as he missed the line of the ball completely and umpire raised his finger within a flash. 

HH Pandya lbw b Shanaka 2 (6b)


9 February 2016, 20:20 PM

Over 10 | Score 54/6 (Pandya 1*, Jadeja 1*)

Chameera to bowl the over. Yuvraj Out! Beaten by pace and bounce Yuvi ended up giving a simple catch back to the bowler. India in deep deep trouble. It's a batting collapse. Visitors are right on top of the game. 

Yuvraj Singh c & b Chameera 10 (14b)

9 February 2016, 20:13 PM

Over 9 | Score 51/5 (Pandya 0*, Yuvraj 9*)

Dasun Shanaka set to bowl his first over. Raina Out! Shanaka clean bowled the southpaw, who couldn't manage to ride on his luck for too long. India's top order failed to give them a good start. Dhoni Out! Bad shot selection by Indian skipper as he walked back to the pavilion. Half of the Indian team is back in the hut.

MS Dhoni c Dickwella b Shanaka 2 (2b)

SK Raina b Shanaka 20 (20b) 

9 February 2016, 20:07 PM

Over 8 | Score 47/3 (Raina 18*, Yuvraj 9*)

Senanayake with his 2nd over. Quick and tight over by the offie. Just 4 runs from the over.

9 February 2016, 20:04 PM

Over 7 | Score 43/3 (Raina 16*, Yuvraj 8*)

Dushmantha Chameera has been introduced into the attack. Raina and Yuvraj, who helped India win the thriller against Australia in the 3rd T20I, are at the crease once again. Tight over first up by the pacer as he conceded mere three in it.

9 February 2016, 19:58 PM

Over 6 | Score 40/3 (Raina 15*, Yuvraj 7*)

First bowling change! Sachithra Senanayake into the attack. Yuvraj Singh is the new man in for India. And he opened his account with a Six, straight over the bowlers head. Eight from the over. 

9 February 2016, 19:55 PM

Over 5 | Score 32/2 Raina 15*)

Rajitha to continue. Raina broke the shackles in the over as he hit the bowler for a boundary and a six off consecutive balls. Dhawan Out! In trying to hit the debutant for the a six over his head, the southpaw got a thick outside edge of his bat as the third man fielder took a fine catch in the end.  

S Dhawan c Gunathilaka b Rajitha 9 (13b)

9 February 2016, 19:49 PM

Over 4 | Score 19/2 (Dhawan 7*, Raina 4*)

Perera with his 2nd over. First ball, Dhawan slapped the bowler towards mid-wicket for a flat Six. India need these two batsmen to stay at the crease at least till 12 overs. Expensive over as the pacer leaked nine from it.  

9 February 2016, 19:44 PM

Over 3 | Score 10/2 (Dhawan 1*, Raina 3*)

Rajitha to continue. Raina Dropped! Rajitha missed the chance to grab his third international wicket in the over as third man fielder dropped a sitter. Five runs came from the over.

9 February 2016, 19:41 PM

Over 2 | Score 5/2 (Dhawan 0*, Raina 0*)

Thisara Perera to bowl the over. Raina has come to the middle after the twin strike by Rajith's double blow. Maiden over by the veteran medium pacer.

9 February 2016, 19:35 PM

Over 1 | Score 5/2 (Dhawan 0* )

Kasun Rajitha, who is making his international debut, is set to bowl the first over of the match. Rohit OUT! The opener played a casual shot in the air towards long off and gave a simple catch to Chameera inside the circle. India opened his account with an extra -- a big wide down the leg wide. Off the last ball Rahane placed the ball fine towards third man to hit the first boundary. Rahane Out! Rahane got the top edge of his bat and short cover fielder took a splendid catch. What a start for the debutant.

AM Rahane c Chandimal b Rajitha 4 (4b)   

RG Sharma c Chameera b Rajitha 0 (2b)

9 February 2016, 19:27 PM

In-form Indian openers have come to the middle. Both are destructive batsmen.

9 February 2016, 19:23 PM

India cricket lovers want youngster Hardik Pandya to spread some magic from his willow. He is a big hitter of the cricket ball. Can he get a promotion today? 

9 February 2016, 19:19 PM

Dew might play a crucial role in today's match. Here is the reason.


9 February 2016, 19:15 PM

Toss: Sri Lanka won toss and decided to bowl first.

Here is the playing XI.