Sushma Swaraj's speech at UNGA: As it happened

Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's UN General Assembly (UNGA) speech on Wednesday night had focused elaborately on Kashmir and had glorified Hizbul militant Burhan Wani.

By Manisha Singh | Last Updated: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 - 00:13

Delhi: In a sharp rebuke to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's 'tirade' on Kashmir, India on Monday said that those accusing others of rights violations must introspect.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj in her address at the 71st UN General Assembly (UNGA) session said, "I can only say that those accusing others of human rights violations would do well to introspect and see what egregious abuses they are perpetrating in their own country, including in Balochistan. The brutality against the Baloch people represents the worst form of state oppression." 

She also made a strong pitch for isolating such nations who speak the language of terrorism and for whom sheltering terrorists had become 'their calling card'.

The EAM asserted that terrorism deeply concerns every member of the UN General Assembly, with people from New York, Kabul, Uri and Istanbul bearing the brunt of the growing scourge.

Tensions have been running high between India and Pakistan after the deadly terror attack in Uri in which 18 soldiers were martyred.

Four terrorists were also been killed by the Army.

26 September 2016, 21:47 PM

Few days back Pakistan PM made baseless allegations against India, today EAM Swaraj gave a fitting reply, says MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup.

26 September 2016, 21:42 PM

26 September 2016, 21:11 PM

This is a good step and we hope this continues, says Brahamdagh Bugti, Baloch leader on Swaraj raising Balochistan issue at UNGA.

26 September 2016, 21:09 PM

India unwilling to address historical disputes like Kashmir, that directly fan misunderstanding, ANI quotes Pakistan Army Chief General Raheel Sharif as saying.

26 September 2016, 21:08 PM

26 September 2016, 20:57 PM

26 September 2016, 20:56 PM

Nothing will happen by giving speeches at UN. We can't even name Pakistan.Why? Nawaz Sharif names us, says Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut.

26 September 2016, 20:55 PM

Like all MEA drafted speeches, it was a well crafted and well-written speech. I think the thrust of the message was a good one and that Indians can stand behind the message, says Shashi Tharoor.

26 September 2016, 20:54 PM

The world has known for the last 25-30 years now that Pakistan is a net exporter of terror. What is unknown is what the NDA government is going to do to change Pakistan's behaviour, the country wants to know this from the PM, says Congress' Manish Tewari.

26 September 2016, 20:36 PM

26 September 2016, 20:10 PM

After Swaraj's speech, MEA tweets:

26 September 2016, 20:10 PM

26 September 2016, 20:01 PM

26 September 2016, 20:00 PM

26 September 2016, 20:00 PM

26 September 2016, 19:47 PM

26 September 2016, 19:42 PM

26 September 2016, 19:42 PM

EAM exhorts the UNGA to action.

Two critical unfulfilled tasks remain, first, passing the CCIT, pending for two decades, second, an expansion in the membership of UNSC to reflect contemporary realities is an urgent necessity, she says.

26 September 2016, 19:28 PM

If Pakistan thinks, it can take away Kashmir by doing this then it is mistaken, says Swaraj.

My firm advice to Pakistan is - abandon this dream. Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always remain so, says EAM.

26 September 2016, 19:27 PM

Swaraj asks - What pre-conditions, Mr PM? (Nawaz Sharif). We have, infact, attempted a paradigm of friendship without precedent but what did we get in return.

Bahadur Ali is a living example of Pakistan's cross-border terrorism, she adds. 

26 September 2016, 19:27 PM

We extended hand of friendship towards Pakistan, but we got Uri, Pathankot attacks in return, says Sushma Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:26 PM

EAM responds to Pakistan PM, says 'those accusing others of human rights violations would do well to introspect and see their own abuses'.

'The brutality against the Baloch people represents the worst form of state oppression', she adds.

26 September 2016, 19:26 PM

We all have to come together to fight the scourge of terrorism, if some country is not willing then it must be isolated, says Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:25 PM

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others: EAM Sushma Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:24 PM

EAM talks of terror attacks from Paris to Pathankot and Brussels to Uri.

We, who have suffered in Uri recently, understand the pain inflicted by the same forces. The world has been battling this scourge for long, she says.

26 September 2016, 19:23 PM

Terrorism is a demon which is devouring all regardless of nationality. All countries have to unite to fight this, says EAM.

26 September 2016, 19:23 PM

It is important to ask as to who is behind this and who benefits from it? Terrorists do not own banks or weapons factories, so let us ask the real question as to who finances these terrorists, who arms them and provides sanctuaries? - Sushma Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:22 PM

The only way to fight terrorism is to unite by keeping our likes and dislikes aside, says EAM.

26 September 2016, 19:22 PM

There can be no development in world without peace, says EAM.

26 September 2016, 19:21 PM

Terrorism targets the innocent and kills indiscriminately. Terrorism has gone way beyond affecting individuals or nations - it is a crime against humanity itself, says EAM.

This month we marked the 15th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks on this city. Tragically, less than 15 days ago, another attempt at killing innocents was made through an act of terror in this same city," says Swaraj (in reference to to the bombings in Manhattan and New Jersey earlier this month).


26 September 2016, 19:20 PM

26 September 2016, 19:19 PM

26 September 2016, 19:18 PM

We must remember that we will be defined not just by our actions, but equally by our inaction, says EAM.

26 September 2016, 19:18 PM

If we do justice to the environment, it will be just with us, says Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:17 PM

I am very thankful to the UN for its tremendous support for International Yoga day, says Swaraj.

26 September 2016, 19:17 PM

Swaraj talks about her government's achievements in child education, girl education and bank account for the poor.

Sanitation is a big issue, and we have started 'Swacch Bharat Abhiyan' under which 4 lakh toilets are built in 2 lakh schools, she adds.

EAM on climate change and the duties of developing and developed nations says, "While our responsibility is common, our obligations are different."

"We must curb reckless consumption and adopt lifestyles in harmony with nature. I assure this Assembly that India will continue to play a leading role in combating climate change," Swaraj maintains.

26 September 2016, 19:13 PM

A year has passed since I stood at this hallowed podium to address members of the international community.

26 September 2016, 19:11 PM

Sushma Swaraj begins her speech.

26 September 2016, 19:02 PM

Swaraj's speech any time now -

26 September 2016, 18:43 PM

26 September 2016, 18:35 PM

26 September 2016, 18:29 PM

Not taking it lying down, First Secretary at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN, Eenam Gambhir had ripped apart Sharif's speech saying that it was "ironical that we have seen today the preaching of human rights and ostensible support for self-determination by a country which has established itself as the global epicentre of terrorism."

Exercising India's Right of Reply to Sharif's 'long tirade' about the situation in Kashmir, Gambhir had made a strong rebuttal.

26 September 2016, 18:22 PM

After the attack, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that perpetrators would not go punished and Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had called Pakistan a terrorist state.

Here's what they had tweeted: 

26 September 2016, 18:18 PM

Tensions between India and Pakistan has been running high after the deadly attack on the Army in Uri in the wee hours of September 18 in which 18 soldiers killed when heavily armed militants had stormed a battalion headquarters in North Kashmir.

Four militants involved in the terror strike were killed by the Army.