'Glad that ended well,' says Shobhaa De after Madhya Pradesh cop 'fat-shamed' by her sheds 65 kgs

In February 2017, Shobhaa De had ignited a row when she had tweeted an image of an overweight policeman.

'Glad that ended well,' says Shobhaa De after Madhya Pradesh cop 'fat-shamed' by her sheds 65 kgs
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Mumbai: Inspector Daulatram Jogawat from Madhya Pradesh Police, who was 'fat-shamed' by columnist-author Shobhaa De is now sixty-five kilos lighter. Earlier, he had weighed about 180 kg or so. That was before he was operated on by well-known bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala at Saifee Hospital.

The cop has said that he is not angry with De anymore. In fact, as per reports, he wants to personally thank her. Jogawat joined the police force in 1979 as a police constable.

Reacting to the news De tweeted on Friday, "Glad that ended well. God bless Daulatram and give him a long and healthy life."

In February 2017, De had ignited a row when she had tweeted an image of the overweight policeman holding a mobile phone close to his ear while sitting on a chair. "Heavy police bandobast in Mumbai," she had tweeted. 

The author had come under heavy criticism for her tweet and had also received a response from the Mumbai Police, which had said, “We love puns too Ms De but this one is totally misplaced. Uniform/official, not ours. We expect better from responsible citizens like you.”

Later, she had tweeted an 'apology' and had said, "Mumbai/Maharashtra Police, pranaam. No offence intended. MP police, consult a dietician if it's an asli, undoctored image doing the rounds”.

At that time, Jogawat had said that he was hurt to see his photo on social media. The cop had also said that he was not fat since childhood and had put on weight when his gall-bladder was removed as it was infected because of stones.

He had added that he did not know who clicked his picture and circulated on social media. 

On hearing about Jogawat 's condition through the news, Dr Lakdawala had reached out to him and had offered to help by treating him. The cop had then undergone bariatric surgery in Mumbai's hospital.

Doctors had said in April 2017 that said uncontrolled diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, lymphedema and other ailments that Jogawat was suffering from may go away in the next few months.