Rains and Rainbows
It was a dark, stormy night…..
Before the line even scrawls into our ears, we all automatically huddle around ....
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Origin of Monsoon
Technically, monsoon is a seasonal prevailing wind that lasts for several months. But the significance and romance associated with it make ....
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What Global warming has done..
If you live in India, especially in the North, and have not been out of the country or the region for the past two-three months,....
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EL-Nino’s Sins
Also known as Southern Oscillation, El Nino is technically an abnormal warming of surface ocean waters in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean.
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India, Agriculture and Monsoon
The unfulfilled desire of my childhood during rainy season still pricks me with the onset of every monsoon. The sowing of paddy used to bring .....
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Rains in Tinsel town
Almost all love stories in India have their beginning and making in Bollywood ‘saawan' songs Every other Bunty-Babli, Raj-Simran, Guddu-Sweety fall in love against the backdrop of trickling rains and the ambience created by a sensuous rain song.
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Savoury delights
Monsoon in India lasts for a couple of months. The rainy days are the ones when movement becomes restricted. It is at this point that food becomes the centre of thought.With rains making market food unhealthy, the best option seems experimenting in kitchen.
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Crisis in my land
As a growing up child when I just began to understand the world, I was told that I live in a city nicknamed “the city lakes”.
Drinking poison?
Through this Vedic hymn we request our divine rivers to purify their waters for all human kind and quench our thirst.
Rainproof beauty
To dare to go out despite all the slush you have to face for reaching your workplace is not a very easy thing to do.
Care for your home
We've had enough of the scorching Sun already and it's finally that time of the year when the rain gods are smiling, quite stingily though;
Monsoon Memories
Does the fragrance of wet earth remind you of days gone by spent sipping tea and munching pakoras?

Share with us your rain memories.