Mumbai traffic cop who alleged corruption now seeks permission to die

The traffic cop has alleged that he is facing enormous pressure since he filed an appeal regarding corruption in his department.

Mumbai traffic cop who alleged corruption now seeks permission to die
Road traffic in Mumbai is one of the most dense in the country. (Representational Photo)

Mumbai: A traffic constable, who in January had filed an appeal against corruption in his department in Bombay High Court, has now sought permission to commit suicide citing pressure being put on him to withdraw his charges.

Sunil Bhagwant Thoke had grabbed headlines when he had submitted a rate card in the Bombay High Court and had said there is rampant corruption in his department. He had also claimed to have done a number of sting operations to expose the corrupt practices but was unable to prove his allegations in court. Since, Thoke has reportedly been transferred a dozen times and says that there is enormous pressure being put on him and therefore, wants to commit euthanasia.

Thoke has reportedly written a letter to Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis seeking permission to commit suicide and has said that if there is no decision on his letter in 15 days, he would commit suicide along with his wife. He has further said that in such a scenario, the state government would be held responsible for his decision.

There have been several reports in the local media about corruption in Mumbai Police's Traffic Department in the past. Called hafta vasooli in local parley, many cops reportedly charge different rates for either bending the rule or looking the other way. Mumbai Police however has always promised to look into every allegation and has promised severe punishment for those found guilty.