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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 
tree tree
tree tree
latest Latest : **** India’s Biggest Environment Awareness Campaign **** Registered with Limca Book of Records. **** Won Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi award. **** Appreciated by United Nations **** Represented India at 2012 Earth Summit in Rio,Brazil **** More than 50 million youth participated. **** Over one crore tress planted in 1.5 lakh villages and almost all district headquaters. right
JOIN US in“My Earth My Duty 2012”

Zee News, as a responsible media house, initiated 'My Earth My Duty' – a revolutionary pan-India campaign, on June 5, 2010 instigating youth action on imperative issues of human induced climate change. It has been supported by over 50 million youth in almost all the headquarters in 34 cities and 1.2lac villages across India.

My Earth My Duty” was conceptualized with a view to not only create awareness amongst people about the changing climatic cycles and its aftermaths, but also to take appropriate actions to alter the same. For this purpose, the campaign was carried out in 2 phases.

Firstly, people were educated about the climate of the Earth and the global warming taking place. Its objective was to generate a concern about the hazardous changes taking place in the environment amongst people with a view to motivate them to take consequential actions.

The second phase, gave people a chance to opinionate their concerns and bring them into action. My Earth My Duty acted as a platform and a medium which helped people to do their bit for the environment.

Zee News, through 'My Earth My Duty' has been invigorating the concern for mother earth to sensitize and encourage masses to take concrete action towards extenuating the effects of climate change, from past two years. From planting over 1crore trees to organizing cultural and social awareness events in educational institutions and other places across India has been globally appreciated. The objective underlines the channel's brand philosophy of "Jazba Soch ka" or "The Power of Thought"

The campaign was custom designed for all kinds of people coming from different backgrounds. The pan-India reach of the campaign was made possible by utilizing all the Zee News channels, tie-ups with local\regional newspapers, holding seminars and banners in vernacular languages.

The unprecedented success of our endeavor not only reflects in its recognition by the Limca Book of Records but also in the prestigious Rashtriya Rajiv Gandhi Award and the Lion’s Club Award. Its latest achievement dazzles in its selection at the United Nations Earth Summit, 2012 on Sustainable development to represent India’s actions against adversely affecting human induced climate change.

Our campaign enters its third year in July 2012, with a series of ground events followed by a nationwide plantation drive starting Aug 15 -21, 2012. With India completing 65 years of Independence this year, the initiative will urge the citizens to fight for their independence from global warming, thus encouraging a patriotic fervor.

“My Earth My Duty” has been supported by the Minister of Youth Affairs. As a gesture of support many accredited organizations like United Nation Volunteers,Indo-Tibetan Border Police, Central Reserve Police Force, Eco Task Force, National Service Scheme, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan etc are also playing a vital role.

Rohit Kumar, Head – Marketing, Zee News, said, “Our concern and objectives regarding the environment remain the same. Global warming and other environment hazards continue to pose serious threats. For the third year, we shall endeavor to spread awareness about these threats and not only awaken people’s thought to it but generate public response by inspiring them to act against the climate change and plant maximum number of trees. As at Zee News, we always believe in the Power of Thought”

We as responsible fourth estate, invite all Indians to join us in uniting India to alleviate the catastrophe and be the power to bring the change.

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My Earth My Duty 2012 Be A Green Warrior
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