New Alipore Association, Kolkata

Simplicity is the key word here. This Puja is small scale puja which caters to 100 families of the New Alipore Association. Considering that Kolkata has grand pujas in almost every nook and corner, does it get overshadowed? “Since its inception in 1952, it has always been a Gharoa(homely) puja for us. We treat it as a huge family get together,” says cultural secretary Dahlia Dasgupta. She insists that the puja is not commercial and that is what makes it unique.

The association has been awarded by the Kolkata Police in the past for abiding by all the rules. The association this year is planning to encourage in house talent, with the quintessential para Natok being one of the major attractions. Popular Bengali singer Somlata Acharya Choudhary would also be performing on one of the days.
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