AP to launch efforts to trace Buddhist sites in Rayalaseema

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 13:28

Hyderabad: State Archaeology department
would be launching efforts to discover Buddhist sites, which
are believed to be lying in ruins in Rayalaseema region,
following the identification of such sites in Andhra Pradesh.

"The famed Chinese traveller Xuanzang, who toured the
area in 7th century AD had mentioned in his writings that
several Buddhist sites existed in Choliya kingdom, which
included parts of the present day Rayalaseema. Seven such
sites have been found in the area so far," Director of AP
State Archaeology and Museums, P Chenna Reddy said.

The sites are spread across Kadapa district and parts of
Chittoor and Nellore districts, and efforts would be made to
trace the remaining Buddhist habitations, he said.

The ones that have been discovered so far in the Choliya
kingdom include Adapur (locally known as Lanjakanumagutta),
Tallapaka, Pedacheppali, Pedamudiyam, Kazipet and recently
Konduru Tippa, both in Kadapa district.

All the sites in the region are believed to have existed
between 3rd century BC and 5th century AD.

Also, the department would like to trace the footsteps of
Xuanzang in Rayalaseema which has remained unknown so far,
Reddy said.

The department discovered the Buddhist site on a hillock
at Konduru Tippa a few days ago. The site extending to two
acres consists of brick-built `stupas` and `viharas` dating to
the period between the first century BC to 5th century AD.


First Published: Wednesday, May 12, 2010 - 13:28
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