‘Chidambaram`s remarks on Telangana irresponsible’

TRS chief KC Rao took exception to Home Minister`s observation that the Centre can only act as a facilitator in resolving the Telangana issue.

Hyderabad: Taking exception to Home Minister P
Chidambaram`s observation that the Centre can only act as a
facilitator in resolving the Telangana issue, TRS chief KC Rao
on Monday termed the remarks as "irresponsible and insensitive".

"Chidambaram wants consensus on Telangana. Consensus
is required for living together not for separation. He says
it is for the political parties in Andhra Pradesh to decide.
If we can decide, what are you there for? Why the Centre
then?," Rao said, while addressing Telangana doctors and
medical personnel who undertook a fast here in support of
formation of separate state.

"Article 3 of Constitution says Centre should decide.
Chidambaram`s comments were irresponsible and cheap. Can`t you
understand what the people want? What nonsense is this," the
TRS chief said.

Responding to a `Calling Attention Motion` on the
bifurcation issue, Chidambaram had told the Lok Sabha on
August 5 that as many as four out of eight political parties
in Andhra Pradesh have not yet "made up their mind" on

"We are urging the parties, kindly complete your
process of consultation...then we can call a meeting," he had

Asserting that the separate state would definitely
come if a crisis is triggered by way of public representatives
quitting their posts en masse, Rao appealed to the Telangana
MLAs and MLCs to once again resign from their posts.

"The political leadership of non-Telangana regions
always tried to keep the Telangana leaders divided to continue
their domination on us. There is a conspiracy in the Assembly
Speaker rejecting the resignations of MLAs submitted earlier.
Let us resign once again. Telangana will definitely come. We
should create a crisis," he said.

Referring to certain comments from a leader of the
Telangana doctors, Rao asked the Telangana supporters not to
get agitated over the "hurdles in the formation of separate

"We should not get agitated or confused. We should make
others agitated. A real soldier fights till the end. I
understand why he said we will be worse than slaves if
Telangana is not achieved. We have to continue our struggle,"
he said.

Demanding that the state government postpone the
sub-inspectors of police recruitment test till Clause 14 (F)
of Presidential Order of 1975 is deleted, Rao urged the
Telangana supporters to make the shut down on August 10 a

Clause 14 (F) makes Hyderabad a free zone for employment
and Telangana supporters say that Hyderabad should be part of
other Telangana districts for employment purposes.

Speaking at the meeting earlier, Congress Rajya Sabha
member K Keshav Rao hit out at Chidambaram for his comments
that "Congress has also not made up its mind on the
Telangana issue."

"There cannot be any worse comments than this. If he
says Congress has not taken a decision, he was absolutely
wrong. I was a member of the Congress Working Committee (CWC).
He was not there. Did not the CWC pass a resolution on
Telangana," he said.

The Congress manifesto for elections, the Common
Minimum Programme of the UPA government and an address by the
then President talked about Telangana issue, the MP said.

Referring to the state government`s warning to invoke
Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) against the
pro-Telangana employees, Keshav Rao asked whether it was
legitimate for the chief minister to remain in power as
ministers and MLAs from Telangana are not actively
participating in the government.

"I take oath on myself and my children. There is no
compromise on Telangana," he added.


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