Concern over construction of temple within Charminar premises

A DMK member expressed concern in the Lok Sabha over construction of a temple within the premises of the famous Charminar in Hyderabad.

New Delhi: A DMK member on Friday expressed concern in the Lok Sabha over construction of a temple within the premises of the famous Charminar in Hyderabad through alleged encroachment and asked the Centre to take appropriate action to prevent any communal tension.

M Abdul Rahman (DMK) drew attention of the House during Zero Hour to how the temple had come up within the precincts of the Charminar over the years and is encroaching further on the land belonging to the heritage building.

Rahman said he and his party are not against any temple or any other place of worship but this temple has come up due to negligence of the authorities. He sought Centre`s intervention and appropriate action before the situation gets out of hand.

Mahendrasinh Chauhan (BJP) hit out at the government for not paying adequate attention to the issue of bringing back India`s prisoners of war and those who went missing during the 1971 war. He said those soldiers who are dead should be declared martyrs and given bravery medals.

Ashok Argal (BJP) demanded installation of more ATMs in rural areas as people have to travel long distances and to cities to withdraw money.

Jaiprakash Agarwal (Cong) demanded that facilities like sewer lines, roads, dispensaries and schools should be built in the unauthorised colonies of Delhi where a lot of poor people live. Expressing concern over spate of fires in trains, R Thamaraiselvan (DMK) demanded that Indian Railways should install fire alarm system in all trains.

Dilip Kumar Manshukhlal Gandhi (BJP) suggested that government should encourage LED lighting system as it helps in saving energy.

Raghuvansh Prasad Singh (RJD) regretted that Indian Railways, which ran 60 special trains for Diwali and Chhat, has not cared to provide salary to employees of Bharat Wagon Works.

Singh demanded that Railways should come out with a plan to rehabilitate the wagon unit.

S Semmalai (AIADMK) urged the Central government to increase allocation of kerosene for Tamil Nadu to 65,140 kl.

Ram Shankar (BJP) sought Centre`s intervention in dealing with the problem caused by laying of faulty sewer lines in Agra.

He also demanded an enquiry into the way the work was being done by private contractors.