Jagan Mohan Reddy sets one month `deadline` to waive off loans to farmers

YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday set a one-month "deadline" for the TDP government to fulfil its poll promise of loan waiver schemes.

Srikakulam: YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday set a one-month "deadline" for the TDP government to fulfil its poll promise of loan waiver schemes.

He said that his party would take up the cause of farmers and hold protest meetings across Andhra Pradesh if the TDP failed to keep its promise.
"Chandrababu Naidu has resolutely and categorically told the Election Commission that all logistics were worked out and the loan waiver scheme is feasible. He promised in the subsequent public meetings that with all the experience he had as chief minister for nine years, the scheme is viable and will be implemented immediately after coming to power," Jagan told reporters here.

"People believed this stark lie and voted TDP to power, while Chandababu Naidu is shirking responsibility and is looking for ways to wriggle out of the situation. He is exploring escape route to avoid waiving off loans, but we are with the farmers and will agitate if the loans are not waived off within one month," Jagan said.

According to Jagan, in Naidu`s letter to the Election Commission on April 11 and during campaigning thereafter, the TDP president consistently assured people that waiver of all agriculture and DWACRA (Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas) loans would be implemented immediately after assuming office, since it is feasible.

"The Chief Minister is trying to get loans rescheduled. Such an exercise has been the practice for the past ten years. It has now been announced that rescheduling is only for Rs 10,000 crore of loans while the remaining Rs 90,000 crore of loans have been left out," he said.

As per the 184th State Level Banking Conference`s (SLBC) report, the quantum of agriculture loans is pegged at Rs 87,000 crores and the TDP government is aware of it, he said.

"The situation of DWACRA groups is pathetic since bankers are adjusting the money towards loans and interest, as nothing came from the government though it promised waiver of all DWACRA group loans," Jagan said.
He said that sugarcane farmers are bearing the brunt once again since sugar factory managements directly deposit money into banks which in turn adjust it against loans and interest, due to which farmers are unable to draw any money.

People believed Chandrababu Naidu`s election promise and voted him to power and the TDP government is trying to delay the loan waiver process, Jagan said.

The TDP government has appointed the Kotaiah Committee (on farm loan waiver) only to prolong the issue and the report was not released due to "obvious reasons", he said.

"This is nothing, but cheating the people. Cheats must booked under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code. People and farmers in particular have lost faith. If the election promise of waiving all agriculture and DWACRA group loans is not fulfilled within one month, we will resort to agitation," he said.

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