Narendra Modi criticised for remarks on Congress leaders

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress leadership for providing a weak "commission-seeking" government.

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2013, 15:17 PM IST

Hyderabad: Taking strong exception to the remarks of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi against the Nehru-Gandhi family, AICC secretary P Sudhakar Reddy on Monday said they were in bad taste and made out of his "over ambition to become a national leader".

"Nehru-Gandhi family does not need a certificate from someone like Narendra Modi. The family has made sacrifices for the sake of the nation before and after independence. This is Godse`s language," Reddy, also a Congress MLC in Andhra Pradesh, said here.
Modi, who is being projected by some as the BJP`s Prime Ministerial candidate, attacked the Congress leadership for providing a weak "commission-seeking" government with "night watchman" Manmohan Singh at the helm.

He accused the Congress of sacrificing the nation`s interest for the Gandhi family.

"The night-watchman comment shows that he lacks culture. Modi is Chief Minister and he should learn to respect the Prime Minister. He has also insulted the watchmen community," Reddy said.

Hitting out at Modi for describing Congress as "commission-seeking," he said Congress always tried to unite people whereas BJP played divisive politics.