Panelists get physical during T`gana discussion on TV live

It was a scene rarely seen on Indian Television--and that too live.

Hyderabad: It was a scene rarely seen on
Indian Television--and that too live.

The crew of the Telugu channel NTV and its viewers
were in for a shock when they were holding a panel discussion
in the studio on issues relating to Telangana agitation.

As the discussion wound its way forward, a TRS student
leader B Suman and a representative of the victims` families
Raghuma Reddy got into heated arguments.
Sparks flew after Reddy alleged that the TRS was not
doing much for the welfare of the families of people who died
during the agitation for a separate Telangana state.

Reddy`s charge provoked Suman who animately countered
that assistance was being rendered at local level.

In no time, words got messy and even before anyone
expected Suman pounced upon Reddy and landed him with punches
and blows.
All this was happening live on the channel and it took
few seconds for the stunned crew to cut the programme and hold
the fight with the anchor having no choice but to say "we are
taking a break." The incident happened last week.

Reddy has filed a complaint with the police alleging
that he was attacked by Suman. Reddy had earlier staged
protests outside the office of TRS here.


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